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Sellryt, your trusted White Label Google Ads Agency in San Antonio, is dedicated to maximizing the return on investment for world-class digital agencies.


White Label Google Ads for Global Customer Acquisition

Simply put, Google Ads holds the lion’s share of online advertising worldwide. It would be unwise to disregard White Label Google Ads (formerly known as white label AdWords management in San Antonio) when it comes to targeting your clients because it is the world’s most scientific online ad platform and has the largest advertising network consisting of millions of websites, reaching 90% of consumers.

What Does the Term "White Label Google Ads" Mean?

White Label Google Ads is a reseller service through which we provide Google Ads Campaign Management on your behalf. With a white label AdWords management agency in San Antonio, such as Sellryt, you can say yes to any size of new business and fill skill gaps in Google Ads.
To precisely meet your client’s needs, Google Ads offers a variety of Campaign types, campaign formats, Ad Groups, and Ad Formats. Because Google Ads are based on intent-based keywords and key phrases, there is a much higher chance that potential customers will find your clients.

Leverage Sellryt’s White Label PPC services in San Antonio if your agency is expanding and you have multiple clients. We work with honesty and discretion to deliver maximum value to your organization.

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How Can We Help?

Sellryt is the most reputable White Label Google Ads Management Agency. We have accumulated a significant amount of experience managing successful Google Ads Campaigns for a variety of industries over the course of many years spent specializing in Google Ads Campaign Management within the Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing industries.

Sellryt is a Google Ads Certified Partner. As a part of our white label PPC marketing services in San Antonio, our certified Google Ads Specialists collaborate with Ad Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Marketing Consultants, and PPC Professionals to develop creative and persuasive Google Ads Campaigns.

Your customers’ businesses will generate more leads from a higher number of clicks and conversions while spending less on Google Ads, simply by leveraging our white label Google Ads services in San Antonio.

White Label Google Ads Management Services

Sellryt has created and continues to create an ideal formula that will deliver quick results to your customer based on your marketing goals. Here is a list of the services offered by our white label PPC agency:


Google Ads Campaign Setup & Launch


Campaign Performance Reporting


Ad Copy Testing & Landing Page Optimization

Campaign Conversion Rate Optimization


Monitoring and Ad Copy Optimization


Google Ads Keyword Research


Copywriting & Creative Design

Google Ads

Our Strategy for Managing your Google Ad Campaign:

  1. Learning About Your Client
  2. Campaign & Ad Strategy
  3. Ad Copywriting and Creative Design
  4. Campaign Set-up and Launch
  5. Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
  6. Measuring and Reporting

Why Work With Us?

  1. Understanding your Business
  2. Targeted Results
  3. Reasonable Charges
  4. Maximum Returns
  5. Consumer Insights
  6. Documentation
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Targeted to Deliver Specific Google Ad Campaign Types

Our white label PPC management company in San Antonio can assist you in running precise Google Ad Campaigns despite the fact that there are numerous Google Ad campaign types to choose from depending on the nature of your business and the particular campaign goals.


Search campaigns

Text ads on search results


Display campaigns

Image ads on websites


Video campaigns

Video ads on YouTube


Shopping campaigns

Product listings on Google


App campaigns

Promote your app on many channels


Local campaigns

Promote locations on many channels


Smart campaigns

Automate your campaigns

We are a 100% White Label Digital Marketing Agency. True to our promise, we maintain 100% confidentiality! We don’t ask for Testimonials from our partner agencies.

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FAQs About White Label Google Ads Services

Ready to launch into white label PPC Campaign? Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions on the subject to help you understand everything you want to know.

There is at least a weekly maintenance and optimization. When making changes to a campaign, we must give them time to operate before gauging its success. Be aware that early campaign changes will cause the learning phase to be reset, giving the impression that the ads just started running. Please be aware that we need to give ads enough time to run. Sometimes campaigns are successful right away, and other times they take some time to get going. This is especially valid for accounts that have never advertised before.

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you have your own MCC account, which can be used to house all of your clients.

The client’s purchased tier establishes a limit on the number of campaigns, ad sets, and ads. In the store, tier limitations are displayed. You must upgrade your subscription if you need more than the allowed number of campaigns, ad sets, or ads for the account.

Yes! We only need access to the client’s Google Ads account if they have previously run ads so we can review the data and keep optimizing.

White label Google Ads services enable your agency to increase the online visibility of your clients without performing the arduous work required for a successful PPC campaign. Your agency can prioritize scaling and revenue growth with its time and resources.

Depending on the nature of the request, each revision request for an active campaign may take up to one business day. This means that a request should be handled the following business day if it is submitted during business hours (but not at the end of the working day). If the request is received after business hours (even on a business day), it might not be finished until the day after the following business day.

All directions for granting access will be given during the onboarding phase after the service has been purchased. You will be given thorough instructions on how to carry this out.

We provide you with weekly reports as part of our Google Ads white label PPC outsourcing services. In addition, we make the dashboard available to you and your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week (the dashboard’s purpose is to replace many reporting requirements). If you require any other type of information, you can submit a request through the communications platform to your customer service representative. Your clients can log in to your white-labeled dashboard at any time to view their campaign metrics.

White label PPC management service means rebranding and reselling fully-managed PPC services. The white label PPC services provider brings a wealth of experience and expertise, helping agencies manage high-performing PPC campaigns seamlessly.

The white-label platform makes the client onboarding and fulfillment process fully automated. You just have to select one of the PPC reseller plans, fill in the client details, and get fulfillment started.

Your agency can scale services as needed with the flexibility provided by reselling Google Ads. Additionally, you can increase the caliber of the services you offer your clients without raising operational costs. You can expand your business and take on PPC projects without having to pay for the cost of hiring PPC specialists by using a Google Ads outsourcing company.

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