Ways to Strengthen your Remote Team for Robust Results

If you are sitting at home and reading this in your comfort zone, you know how convenient it is to work like this with your coffee. In the coronavirus world, the transition to the remote work shows how comfortable and convenient employees feel, depending on the nature of the business. From increased productivity, exchanging ideas, higher creativity to the cost-efficient process, remote work is more than a trend; it is a quintessential part of the business.

Keeping in mind the current scenario of the novel COVID-19 and the lockdown guidelines, many companies have switched to offer work from home for their employees to balance the operations and keep the workforce healthy and safe. In an era of flexible work culture, remote work opportunities have raised its bar ever since. More employees than ever before have transitioned to remote work and have made their workflow smooth and productive. Remote work from home jobs has raised its graph and enabled the brands to have access to a broader range of ideas with different yet unique perspectives that increase the organization’s chances of innovation.

Where the world is facing reality and looking for measures to cope up with the pandemic situations, many industries have raised their sales. The E-Commerce business, being one of the surviving industries, has quite benefited from the outbreak. The changed behavioral demands of the customers and a sudden shift to the online business have impacted the eCommerce industry altogether. Many establishments have switched to remote work model entirely to embrace their business and overcome the pandemic as soon as possible.

Everything that comes with advantages gets along its disadvantages too. It depends on how you take things and work on them with your pattern and a proper code of conduct as required by your business.

You may think, how can remote work from home be a disadvantage or involves risk? To give you a better understanding of our blog, we need to inform you about the business risks involved first when it comes to remote working.


  • Lack of Training

Training is the foremost step that works just like the base for the employee. Lack of exercise or an unclear understanding of the technology or work can be risky for both the employee at home and the company.

Proper knowledge of the assigned task and information security provided by the company plays a significant role in a business.

  • Lack of Transparency

Physical differences straight away lead to psychological differences. Unclear expectations or communication leads to wastage of effort and time for both the employee at home and employer.

Having crystal clear communication where both the sides are aware of what exactly they have to do, makes the workflow more accessible and smoother.

  • Security of Network

Remote work from home requires the employer to provide the employees with the security of the network. There are higher chances of other users like family or friends that often have access to the same network.

Employees should avoid working from any public areas like the cyber cafes, to prevent security of the information and data.

When building a team, many factors and remote work policies need attention. It would help if you rethought all the collaborations, tools, projects, and the code of conduct. Also, from the recruiting the team, designing the structure, handling the operations to the employee security and network, it is on the employer to ensure the required measures are set carefully.

To create a secure foundation while working with the remote employees, here are a few steps to mitigate the risks to work hassle-free and keep them engaged and encouraged.

  • Trust of Psychological Safety and Security

Teams that have a clear understanding and emotional connection sticks together and can be vulnerable to one another. The baseline of trust and safety makes it easier to share ideas and push back when they disagree on something. Fostering connection builds up the employee’s morale and increases their productivity.

  • Communicate the expectations

Communication is a fundamental element that needs to be worked on properly. Communicating the desired expectations and objectives creates high performing remote culture as everyone understands the clear vision of the company and their duties.

  • Invest in technology smartly

A substantial investment in technology saves upon human resources and increases your data security. A secured tech works like a glue that holds up the operations and the efforts of employees. This investment protects your information data, and critical integrations of the business and let them work safely.

  • Train them well

Creating a stable base lead to better results and efficiency. Training the employees well with the best practices is beneficial for both the employee and employer. The training allows them to grow on both professional and personal scale and work effectively. Baseline training ensures the cost and effort of efficient work.

  • Virtual Meetings

Hold recurring meetings to discuss the projects, targets, and work progress. Team meetings to establish the pace of projects, helps the employees to be autonomous and be an integral part of the organization. Virtual meetings keep the employees engaged and proactively work towards achieving the desired results.

  • Take their feedbacks

Feedbacks from the employees play a crucial role in keeping them engaged and active in the process. Also, constructive feedbacks come with great ideas and innovations to ensure that the employees are equally crucial to the firm and have the safety to speak their minds.


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To win in the marketplace, you first need to win your workforce. Remote working is a great choice to enter the market and flourish your business. To embrace your business tricks and techniques, you have to scale your measures and think from a broader perspective. While achieving the objectives, growing with remote employees is equally important. To ensure the enhancement of the business network, and the interests of the employees, you need to lay a foundation to keep the employees engaged and help them grow professionally and personally. Treat your employees just the way you want your clients to treat you.



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