Transform the Outlook of Your Brand with Amazon’s A+ Content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content)

Amazon is one of the major e-commerce platforms in the world. To grow your brand and bring better revenue on the platform, you have to make your brand stand out and elevate above your competitors. You may use creative copies, descriptive titles, attention-grabbing images, and listing optimization techniques to this end. But, sometimes, this might not be sufficient.

Amazon has various ways for sellers to improve their listings to attract more buyers. One of the most popular methods is through improving content across your product pages. Currently, Amazon has a feature of enhancing content through A+ Content Pages, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC).

This robust tool provides you a rich medium to tell your exclusive brand story and explain your product features. Adding A+ content to your product detail pages will result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and sales.

What is A+ Content, and How Can I Use it?

Using A+ Enhanced Brand Content can undoubtedly give you a lead over competitors selling similar products. In fact, Amazon claims it can even enhance your sales anywhere from 3-10%. That’s a pretty substantial boost without you having to do much of anything. 

You can use additional pictures, creative sales copy, and charts as a means to convince customers to buy your product. Essentially, you will get more room to display your product and its features than you would have got in an old-style product description. Clearly, this will make your product listing stand out from those that do not have these additional elements.

If you are a brand registered on Amazon, a professional seller, or an “emerging brand ” working through Amazon Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives, you can take advantage of A+ Content. The best part? Adding A+ content to your products on Amazon is absolutely free. 

The Advantages of Amazon A+ Content Pages

Recently, Amazon has eliminated its predefined templates for A+ content, giving your brand more freedom than ever to craft an eye-catching product description that captures your brand’s essence. Attractive headings, high-quality images, an engaging copy—all the components work together to create a visibility where customers feel comfortable and interested. Not only do striking storefronts make your product stand out, but they also keep customers on your listing page longer, making it more likely that they will convert. A+ content pages enable you to enhance your product listings to highlight your brand story, key product features and encourage better buying decisions. All of this combined can lead to several key benefits, including:

  • Improved conversion: A+ Content can be a great way to convert customers who are still deciding whether or not to purchase your product. Modules are used to address pain points or to answer product-related questions before they’re even asked.
  • Brand awareness: The added space on your product’s detail page can be used for product promotion and to tell your brand’s story, including its history and what makes it unique. Doing so will bring shoppers much closer to your product and brand. 
  • Decreased product returns: One of the most common reasons for product returns is inaccurate or incomplete product information. With A+ Content, brands have much more space and flexibility to inform shoppers and empower educated buying decisions. 
  • Increased product visibility: A+ Content can help boost conversion. And, since conversion has a lot of weightage in Amazon’s search algorithm, it can indirectly help boost your product visibility.

How to Get Started with A+ Content

Any registered brand can access the A+ Content Manager within their Seller or Vendor Central account. Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Decide which products to promote

Although A+ Content can help boost any product’s performance, this decision should be made strategically. Take into account the amount of time and resources that A+ Content will consume. Therefore, consider starting with the following:

  • Best-selling products
  • Products with high page traffic
  • Well-known products associated with your brand
  1. Choose between self-service and Amazon Builds For You

Brands have two options when it comes to the creation of A+ Content. They can either choose to do it themselves or allow Amazon to do it for them. Self-service modules enable brands to design the page themselves. While Amazon Builds For You, the other method will allow sellers to sit back and have Amazon take care of the page design for them. In this case, Amazon will design the page according to how it thinks your product should be represented. 

  1. Design your A+ Content pages

With the right resources in place, many brands create high-performing A+ Content pages using the self-service model. You can, too, by keeping the best practices in mind.

  1. Submit your pages

Although there is no API or bulk-upload option for A+ Content, the submission process is relatively straightforward. In the A+ Content Manager in both Seller and Vendor Central, you’ll find a selection of different modules to choose from. Be sure to upload all images, texts, and other required assets for each module you select.

  1. Measure performance

One of the best ways to measure your A+ Content success is to look at your conversion rate. However, actual results will take time – so be patient. On top of that, Amazon also offers a tool called A+ Content Experiments. This gives you the ability to test content variations to recognize the best possible version.

Amazon Enhanced Content Next Steps

A+ Content is an excellent way to make your products stand out regardless of category. Amazon makes it an easy feature to implement, particularly considering that sellers can now upload new A+ Content by ASIN. Since it’s currently free, there are no downsides to giving it a try, but I’m confident these benefits will make it well worth your time. If you’re unsure about the next steps for creating enhanced content for your products on Amazon, you can take help from the Amazon advertising partner, Sellryt, to direct your business in the right direction. We have a team of brand content specialists who can work with you to create A+ content for your products in your brand’s style. To learn more about how Sellryt, the best amazon marketing agency, helps their clients sell more on Amazon, get in touch.

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