Amazon Posts: Exactly What You Need To Simplify Promotion And Brand Discovery

It seems like Amazon is taking notes from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which are social media platforms turned online marketplaces because Amazon Posts has a look and feel of social media posts. However, it acts as a medium to drive brand discovery, product marketing, and customer engagement.

Read on to learn how to launch and leverage the potential of Amazon Posts.

A Brief Introduction To Amazon Posts

“Posts” is a part of Amazon Advertising. It enables you as a brand to create and publish content for the shopper’s feed from the platform itself. 

Posts drive engagement and product awareness through an image-based feed. Each post features lifestyle or product images, a caption, and links back to the product page.

The character limit is 2,200 characters for the desktop version and only 70 characters for the mobile version. You get the flexibility to choose between short-form and long-form content. 

The Structure Of The Post

An Amazon post comprises of five sections:

  • Profile Banner – The top portion of the Post that indicates the logo and brand name.
  • Custom Image – A section for the images you want to use that support the brand story and highlights the features of your products. Animated images are not allowed.
  • Show Product – This is a button which when clicked, displays additional product details.
  • Caption Text – A section for a suitable caption that meets your requirements.
  • Category Tags – Tags used to divide products into specific categories.

The feed allows you to generate product and brand-centric content that motivates shoppers to purchase on Amazon.

Why Should You Use It?

It would help if you seized the opportunity whenever you find a channel to attract buyers. Posts aim to create awareness and educate buyers, and it is also free to use.

With Posts, you can

  • Inspire buyers with the usage of your product
  • Create a story about how your product solves a specific problem
  • Display other products that compliment the primary product

How Can You Participate?

To use Amazon Posts, you must:

  • Be a U.S. vendor or seller
  • Be Registered in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Be Signed into the Amazon Advertising account
  • Possess a Store on Amazon
  • Ensure that your brand’s byline is linked to your Store

Once you meet the above criteria, then you will be able to use Amazon Posts for free. The following steps will help you with the sign up:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Amazon Advertising credentials
  • Create profile
  • Verify brand name
  • Upload brand logo

Once done, you can upload photos, create captions, and select tags to publish posts.

Where Do The Posts Appear?

Amazon’s algorithm decides where the Posts appear on the platform. Let us look at the breakdown of Post appearances on the marketplace.

  • Product Detail Page – Amazon Posts appear in a carousel format on the relevant product listings.
  • Posts Feed – On tapping an Amazon Post, relevant Posts are displayed to the shopper in a feed.
  • Brand Feed – On clicking the brand logo on the header of a post, Amazon displays all of the brand’s posts in a feed.

Post Dashboard

The dashboard of the Post keep an account of the following metrics:

  • Views – The number of people who saw your posts.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – The number of people who clicked on your posts.

This data will help you determine the success of your posts. You will also know which posts need to be modified.

Exciting Updates On Amazon Posts

Since its launch, Amazon Posts have gone through several updates. Below are examples of the most prominent ones:

  • Multi-Product Posting – You can include multiple products in an individual post. 
  • Downloadable Reports – You can check the effectiveness of your posts and download reports of the previous year.
  • Scheduled Posting – You can also plan your posts and schedule them accordingly. 

How To Make The Most Of It?

The guidelines you need to follow to make a post on Amazon are similar to that of a social media post. Only targeting keywords isn’t enough. To make the most of Posts, you need to understand and implement the following points:

  • Create An Engaging Headline – Prospective buyers first see the title along with the first two lines of your Post. To stop them from scrolling, you need a headline that grabs their attention.
  • Never Compromise On Image Quality – The size limit for images on Amazon is 100MB, with the resolution being 640 x 640 pixels or above. Keeping this in mind, create high-quality images in JPG or PNG format for your posts. You can do the same for your profile logo.
  • Post Frequently – Like social media platforms, Amazon Posts get maximum engagement when you consistently post more than once a day. So, brainstorm ideas and plan your posts. You can also reuse your old posts from social media, and to keep things fresh, consider tweaking them before posting.
  • Try New Things – Trying new things while making a post will give you a better understanding of how it works. Tweak your posting formula and apply it to other products. Keep doing so till you find what works best for you.

All this can be hectic and time-consuming. You can always consult an Amazon PPC agency to take care of your advertising needs. This will help you work with higher efficiency and productivity.


This was all about utilizing Amazon Posts to simplify promotion and brand discovery. We hope you are now ready to utilize it fully. If you ever need assistance on Amazon PPC management and other Amazon PPC services, we at Sellryt, an Amazon advertising partner, would be more than happy to help. Contact us.

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