Essential Tips to Smash Your Q4 eCommerce Marketing Plan with Profit-Driven Deals/Sales

Q4 eCommerce Marketing Plan

The golden quarter of the year is almost here to end your yearly sale in larger figures.

Whether it was a quiet year up till now or not, you should focus on pushing up your Q4 sales during the year-end. Holidays in the fourth quarter of the year brings in several opportunities and related responsibilities for the sellers. Instead of sitting back and knocking up your annual quota, you should work smartly by planning the tasks to end the year on positive and huge productive earnings.

Q4 is the most profitable part of the year. With the advanced marketing plan, you can attract more potential customers and sell more products.

How should you prepare for End of Year Season Sale 2019?

An aggressive strategy with flawless execution is critical to maximizing revenue for the year’s busy season.

Here is the list of the upcoming holidays to target-

Halloween – Thursday, Oct 31, 2019
Thanksgiving – Thursday, Nov 28, 2019
Black Friday – Friday, Nov 29, 2019
Cyber Monday – Monday, Dec 2, 2019
Christmas – Wednesday, Dec 25, 2019
Boxing Day – Thursday, Dec 26, 2019
New Year’s Eve – Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019

These are the major upcoming holidays this sale season for which you should create an effective market plan to boost your sales.

Sellers can generate high demand during the holiday season with the right marketing approach and listing products accurately. Some important points for your online store management and product listing are –

Holidays to target – Every individual seller has its specialty of the product he is selling on his online store. Some may focus on Christmas sale while others may focus on Black Friday or Cyber Monday as per their catalog. Digging into the historical data of sales will help you in choosing your sale event.

Planning marketing budget – It varies from business to business. On average, you can spend 10-15 percent of your yearly budget as per your organic and promotional market strategy.

After deciding which holiday you are going to target and how much you can invest, the next thing you should focus on is product listing and stock planning.

“Its always good to be an early bird instead of jumping in at the last moment.”

What things are required to achieve your profit-driven sales goal –

Inventory Management – Prepare a list of your high selling products and maintain high inventory for those products. This will save you from losing the sale due to product unavailability in the peak days and prevent latency in the order fulfillment.

Enhanced Brand Content – It is essential to have A+ content on your products when there’s a huge competition. An EBC helps in gaining customers’ trust in the brand even before the purchase, which alleviates sales tremendously. You can check how a graphic designing virtual assistant services can help you.

Competitor Analysis – You have a healthy competition among the sellers. A precise analysis of your competitors will give you an idea of how you can optimize your listing. You should analyze at least the top 5 bestsellers to understand their product listings and get some high-volume searched keywords.

Keyword Research – Keyword research is a critical process when it comes to product listing or listing optimization. Comprehensive keyword research helps you find out your customers’ area of interest. Keywords will help you to rank your product listing organically. You can also take the help of different tools available in the market. For more information on keyword research, read how Amazon keyword research virtual assistant can benefit you during holiday sale for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year.

Listing Optimization – Once you have extracted the best keywords, it is essential to use them in your content. Optimization of your product title, features, description, and backend search terms accurately with best keywords will get you what is needed. Use the high ranking keyword mainly in your title and key product features. You can also check Listing Optimization virtual assistants for an in-depth process to follow.

Product Images – For the apparent reason, we all know, “The better the image, the better will be the conversion ratio.” Authentic and clear product images create a good impression on the customers. People make a buying decision in a fraction of second if you make them visualize what they are searching.

Video Creation – A video is also an effective way of showing how your product works. It will convince your potential customers that your products are tried and tested, which will lead to better conversions.

Customer Service – Customer service is the key to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. Always understand your customers’ need and offer a solution. Happy customers always bring back more business.

You can use the above techniques in your market plan for getting a better organic rank for your season sale.

After strengthening your listing organically, you can use below methods to promote your products –

Sponsored Ads
Campaign set up
Other promotional offers
Social media
SEO friendly

Few other important points you can follow –

1. Using Inventory Management System
2. No hidden costs at check out
3. Encourage customers via email
4. Acknowledge customers feedback

With a lot of business responsibilities and added technical tasks, you need professional help now more than ever. Sellryt offers you the best Amazon experts for all kinds of e-commerce skills that will help you plan your festive sale efficiently.


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