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eCommerce Customer Service

E-commerce organizations, sellers, and other big wholesalers, distributors, and retailers are growing with e-commerce merchandise on online marketplaces. Probably every entity is well established with the production of its brand and services. Still, less interaction or lack of relationship with their customers does not help them retaining the existing customers. Relying solely on service provider customer service is not enough as your relationship with consumers helps your brand getting recognition and better value compared to the competitors.

Making your customers happy is the essential factor of growth in the e-commerce industry, but you might get confused on deciding –

  • How or where you should start?
  • Do you need some specific tools or software for it?

To achieve your goal of customer support can be in-house, or you can outsource to foreign agencies and service providers. Customer support management requires workspace, infrastructure, CRM tools, and resources. You can develop and in-house support management system, which will be expensive for the businesses. However, you can try customer service outsourcing agencies, which will save costs and time to focus on your productive business.

Choosing Delivery Format of Customer Service which suits best for your business –

Considering your customer base as a critical aspect of the profitability of your business will make you run a successful venture. Naturally, the vital task is which format would work best for better assistance to your customers. Let’s understand the types and benefits of various forms of customer support –

  1. Phone Call – From the traditional time, call support is one of the best and fastest methods to resolve the query of consumers, which gives them a delightful experience on the resolution of their problems. However, it cannot be multitasking, and with no proper trail for write back can make customer rampant at times.
  2. Email – Consumers are free to respond and allow as per their convenience of time. It is a slow process but could be very useful from the merchant point of view. After-sales service by merchants using email service could benefit them, making their customer base happy with promotions and vouchers from time to time.
  3. Live Chat – Running impressive merchandise. Your reputed consumer product services might get a lot of questions, FAQs, and a lot of other queries where phone calls will be time-consuming and hectic. To overcome this problem, you can help your consumers with live customer support chat to handle multiple conversations. A real-time resolution will lead to gain the trust of your consumers while you can make them more happy with kind gestures for the next purchase.
  4. Social Media – Influencing your customer and keep them engaging with your catalog offers, deals, and information about your products help to build a great relationship with customers. Interaction through social media channels will also help you generate new customers, and it will be easy to understand the feedback better by the customers.

Tasks which Customer Support Outsourcing Services will give you benefit –

I am not denying the fact of how crucial it is to value customers and saving money simultaneously. I understand once you start assessing the smallest penny equal to the biggest denominator, you will be able to develop the best pricing strategy. It will help you to cut high costs and improve your consumers to enjoy products and services and reasonable prices.

Initiating a partnership with foreign top customer service outsourcing companies will significantly help your business in reducing customer service desk costs.

  1. Review Management – Customer service executive will give immediate after-sales assistance to serve your shopper’s kind gesture. Customers provide feedback on their purchase on quality and service, which helps you to improve the product as well as doing something in return favor for your valuable consumer may give you additional benefits for your customer service.
  2. Email and Social Media Management – Even if you are busy with your team on planning your goals and strategy, your outsourcing partner will keep the communication flow ongoing by the continuous response on the email and social media FAQs.

The outflow process of customer care service team –

CRM Management Tool – Once you have understood the benefits and forms of customer service, you have to get a support system which fulfills your requirement. Every business model is different when it comes to handling their management. Customer support outsourcing agencies offer their CRM; however, if you have a flexible budget or your CRM, you can recommend using the same. Few examples of best CRM’s in the market available are –

  • Bitrix 24
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Zendesk
  • Apptivo
  • Freshsales
  • Support Ninja
  • Teamwork

Training Support – E-commerce outsourcing partner will provide you a trained agent who has professional skills in communicating and handling customers. While you have to give some product and services knowledge for better understanding. This way, you will also be able to know how your agent thinks and how he is going to work for it.

Payment Support – While handling issues with online customers, payment is the most critical part where he should have access to your account or the permissions to process the refund if required. Keeping the clarity of the process will save time and effort.

Customer Query Resolution Virtual Assistants Team upsell the products efficiently and building brand rapport, which helps in retaining the customers.

Responsibilities of the Customer support team –

  • Evaluate & remove negative feedback
  • Response to buyer feedback
  • Buyer seller communication
  • Track orders
  • Manage returns and refunds

Get detailed information about the responsibilities of customer service solutions here.

This whole process will allow you to focus on your core business strategies while your remote is upscaling your business as making it upto the mark. Availing the remote customer support outsourcing services will make you “Lead Smart and Grow Smart.”

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