How Keyword Research For Amazon/E-commerce Can Help You Succeed

It’s great that you started an e-commerce venture to sell a large number of the products you offer. But there is more to just list the products on Amazon to start selling – “in great numbers.” So, what’s the first step? The first step is to implement proper keyword research for E-commerce/Amazon.

In this digital world, people do not even think about searching for anything offline. They use search engines like Google extensively and get the answers to their questions in seconds. If they want to buy something, they quickly search the item on Amazon and purchase from the first few products from the results. It is crucial for businesses, particularly e-commerce to use this digital platform to showcase themselves and stand out from the emerging digital crowd. If they are selling on marketplaces like Amazon, they have to prove themselves to stay on top of the search results. But the main question is, how?

Ranking on top of the search results on Amazon is definitely not easy and requires a tedious task of Keyword Research and then implementing the same keywords in On-Page and Off-Page SEO to attract quality traffic. Many businesses do not fetch quality traffic due to their poor Amazon SEO strategies and fail to increase their sales.

Keyword research is the backbone of e-commerce SEO, which helps the product listing rank on top of the search results. And this is one of the main reasons why despite having good offline sales many e-commerce businesses fail to generate online revenue, no matter how beautifully they write the product’s description.

The most important step which e-commerce business omit is they do not differentiate themselves from the large crowd present on Amazon. It is essential to emerge differently in the market and tell your customers why you are unique and provide immense value.


Read on to know how keyword research for e-commerce can help you succeed in the long-run.

    1. More Traffic: It is no doubt that including important high-volume keywords in the product listing can fetch huge traffic. You get quality traffic as you mention the key features in the product title which filters unnecessary crowd from the quality ones. Once your product gets more and more traffic, Amazon increases its quality score and rank it higher in its search results.
    1. Higher Search Ranking: As mentioned above, Amazon examines the traffic flow to the product listing, and if it finds you are getting good views as well as purchases, your listing ultimately becomes important to Amazon, and it will rank your products higher. Ranking high in search results of Amazon takes time, but critical and updated keyword research for e-commerce can help the products rank in the competitive marketplace of Amazon.
    1. Ahead in your competition: Yes, you read that right. Every business in the world want to stay ahead of its competitors, especially in platforms like Amazon, but does this matter if the competitor is offering a BOGO offer? The main point of stating this is, it is essential to know who your competitors are, what they are offering, their pricing, their strategies, their customers and their keywords. Though it requires a lot of time, it’s the end which really matters.
  1. Building a brand: When you include all the high-volume and important keywords strategically in your product listings, you basically do not leave any array of doubt in the mind of your customers. You get quality traffic as well your product ranks higher on Amazon and search engines. Customers can distinguish between the mediocre from the valuable, and if you are already providing quality products to your customers and delighting them by your service, it is a no-brainer that you are distinguishing yourself and building a brand in the vast e-commerce space of Amazon.

Our Keyword research experts are e-commerce specialists who understand the value of Amazon SEO. They perform keyword research for e-commerce with the aim to strengthen the brand’s image in the marketplace. They carry out:

    1. Competitor Analysis: Our keyword research experts conduct competitor analysis to gather useful data of the competitors so that they can come up with better strategies for selling on Amazon.
  1. Keyword Research: When it comes to keyword research there are two ways our Keyword specialist garner the best keywords relevant to product category.
  • Premium Tools: They use premium keyword research tools which give them important keywords to optimize the product listings. These tools provide our keyword analysts with all the information like rank, views and sales with respect to particular keywords in the category.
  • Amazon Suggested Keywords: Along with the tools, our keyword research executives manually check for Amazon keyword suggestions to comprehend buyers’ mindset and their requirement when they are searching for products. They determine the high-volume long-tail and short-tail keywords to optimize your product listings and get the most impressions and clicks.
  1. Include Keywords in Product Listing: The most important part is to use those researched keywords in the product listings to increase clicks and sales. They embed the keywords in the on-page content and off-page backend search terms to enhance the product visibility. The Amazon on-page SEO optimization is made in:
  • Product Title– Title of the product is given highest priority as per the Amazon’s algorithm thus it is important to include your primary keyword in the product title itself.
  • Bullet Points– Amazon advises sellers to provide specification about the product in bullet points which is also used by Amazon’s crawler to understand more about the product and showcase it when a buyer is searching for the similar product. Hence, it is essential to use this space wisely by featuring quality of the product along with some more relevant keywords
  • Product Description– Description area of the product is like a playground for SEO content writer, all the content written here is crawled by Amazon and since this area does not require the content to be precise, one can create a good, informative, and highly SEO-friendly content for the buyers to know more about the advantages of using the product, or directions to use (if any).

We at Sellryt aim to provide our Amazon expert resources to e-commerce businesses so that they can thrive in this competitive market. Hire our Google Certified Keyword Research & E-commerce SEO experts to get the most out of this gigantic platform right away.

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