How Can Influencers Make Money Through Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer Program

We all know how social media trends and influencers are increasing day by day. Even social media has a significant influence on businesses as well due to a large number of people look for the services and products over the web.

Observing these activities over the internet, many of the brands have tremendously increased their sales with the help of social media influencers.

For Example –

Fitness brands take the help of fitness influencers for the review of their products. In return, they share some profit with the influencer.

In April 2017, Amazon launched its program known as Amazon Influencer Program or Amazon Influencer Marketing.

What is Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer Program is a method to make money that allows an individual to create a storefront on Amazon with their Vanity URL.

You can set the name of your storefront and add different products in different categories to your storefront. Once you add the products, you can refer your storefront link or a particular category page.

Once a purchase made through your referral, you will receive a commission.

Amazon Influencer Program has given these social media influencers to earn more money and help the business worldwide and their personal growth simultaneously.

Nowadays, consumers are smart as they look for competition, market, and brand value. These influencers play a vital role in increasing brand value, which results in the purchase of the product.

The uncertain fear Amazon has about the malpractice through this program; however, today’s influencers don’t push the products much and review it in details to let their audience know that they personally use it.

Why is Amazon Doing This Influencers Program?

We all are attracted to fame somehow. It could be your favorite actor, actress, fitness model, singer or dancer. These people have tremendous social media following.  Like these prominent personalities, several others motivate the people for one thing or the other.

Amazon is a platform where different brands sell out their various products and competition among them are increasing rapidly.

Amazon realized this early that social media influencers with a significant following could help in promoting the various products. This program is much better for the influencers to earn and to partner with brands.

How Is Amazon Affiliate Program Different From Amazon Influencer Program?

Earlier, Amazon has an affiliate program in which an individual should have a website where he can share the links he builds for his recommendations or ads.

An Amazon Influencer Program is for social media influencers where you don’t have to own a website. You can be active on any social media platforms with a significant following.

As per Amazon guideline, an affiliate link can only be share within search pages or the website. However, with Amazon Influencer Program, you can share your vanity URL on your different social media accounts.

How To Set Up An Amazon Influencer’s Program Account?

To join Amazon Influencer Program, you must have an active account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube.

If your presence is available on all four of these, it could be an added advantage for you. You may get an invitation link, email to join the program. However, if you feel you have a significant list of followers, you can apply through the Amazon portal.

After the application is approved, you will be notified within a few hours or number of days depending upon the social media channel.

If in case your application gets rejected, you can apply later. Till then, you can work on increasing your followers. You don’t need millions of followers to join the program, but more than 6000 followers may work for you.

How Can You Promote Your Amazon Storefront?

If you get the approval, you will receive the link to set up your storefront. Here are some necessary steps to promote your storefront –

  1. Optimize your storefront

Optimization is essential for your storefront before you start sharing the link. You should upload a cover photo; either your picture, logo, or something relevant to your brand.

Once you upload the picture, you need to create lists. Do not add the products and leave your list without any information. Instead, give your list a name and a good description for the better understanding of your products.

You can also edit or delete a list by clicking the edit button at the top of the page.

  1. Share your storefront link in all your social media accounts

After you have optimized your storefront, you can start sharing the link in all the places you could. The link is for social media accounts and email.

Best places to place a link –

If you have a website –

About Page

Bottom of the page



In your bio

Your stories

You can also add more than one link using linktree


About Page

You can use facebook groups

You can use the link in your posts

Use it as a description in your videos

Create shop now button on the top of the page


Relevant tweets

In your bio link


You can use it in your video description.

About section.


Top of your newsletters

Body of your newsletters

  1. Plan Your Strategy –

It has been noticed that sale during holidays and seasons are more as compared to regular days. You should keep on making changes to your lists around such time.

Be aware of the next upcoming sale or season and start working on your list.

  1. Grow Your Social Media Followers –

The only way you can have more sales if you have more and more followers. Followers can be increased organically as well as through ads. If you can spend some money, then you can run ads else grow it organically.

  1. Post Regularly On Social Media-

You should always keep engaging your followers with your posts of reviews and benefits of the products you are recommending. This way, you will create an impact on your follower’s mind, which may result in better sales.

  1. List Should Be Relevant To Your Audience –

You are very well aware of your interest and the products you are recommending to your audience. Your audience and your list should match to a common interest.

Suppose, if you are a fitness influencer the list should be for the fitness lifestyle and products not of any mobile phones or some electronic gadgets.


You can track your commissions on the Amazon sales dashboard below link type performance tab. It represents all the products you promote on Amazon and how much you earn from each one.

If required, you can download comprehensive reports and asks questions about your account.

Amazon Influencer Program is a great method to earn money online by sharing products you like, so why not give it a try. Get started with the Amazon Influencer Program and make your living.

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