How Can Facebook Ads Help Amazon Sellers with Sales And Brand Recognition?

Amazon provides sellers with effective marketing tools that showcase their products and services to millions of possible buyers. Even if you as a seller have just launched your product this morning, Sponsored Ads on Amazon can get your products listed on the front page of search results before bedtime.

While the use of Sponsored ads, Sponsored Brands, and other Amazon advertising options are crucial to your product’s development and growth, however, it shouldn’t be the sole method you use to market your Amazon products.

According to an eCommerce report, 26% of U.S. consumers start their searches for products using Facebook, as high as 21% utilize other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to locate products. 

The evolution of social media platforms into stores and search engines has made it vital for Amazon sellers to use Facebook Advertising and other forms of social media marketing.

Boost Brand Recognition Using Facebook

Increase your online presence to create the necessary awareness for your brand. 

Use Facebook and let more people discover what you are selling, so that they think of you at the time of purchase.

Engage Your Audience: Keep potential customers engaged with your brand by being active and advertising on Facebook and other such platforms. Ensure that you follow the best practices necessary to grow your audience and increase engagement. Also, utilize the free tools that Facebook has to offer.

Build Meaningful Relationships: Facebook provides you with several ways to message and personally connect with potential customers. You can connect one on one or use live broadcasts to reach a larger audience. You can connect with customers in a way that fits best with your business.

Increase Your Reach: Reaching people who don’t yet know about your business increases brand awareness. The tools offered by Facebook can be leveraged to promote what you are selling directly from your brand page, allowing you to effortlessly connect with a larger audience.

Prime Benefits of Driving Traffic with Facebook Advertising

The ability to drive traffic via Facebook Ads to your Amazon listings can have advantages over using only Amazon Advertising:

  1. You can target particular segments of the population based on their age, geographic location, interests, and income levels.
  1. You’re able to collect important customer data, including email addresses. (something that Amazon won’t share with you).
  1. Find a bigger audience, the ones who didn’t notice your items while purchasing on Amazon.
  1. Mingle with various factors like creatives, ad copy, video, image, various audiences, ad types, etc. to find out what leads to better conversions.
  1. Direct visitors to your Amazon listing or a landing page where you can collect their email addresses by offering coupons.
  1. Most Amazon sellers are not yet driving external traffic to their Amazon store. This gives you an advantage in the marketplace since a lot of your competitors will not be advertising on Facebook.

These reasons make it tempting to use Facebook Ads to grow as a seller on Amazon. Let us now look at the ways in which you can utilize Facebook Advertising to witness improved growth and brand presence in the eCommerce marketplace.

Use Facebook Ads To Direct Users Straight To Amazon

Facebook is an ideal platform for promoting your Amazon product pages but before that, you need to know your target audience.

People scrolling through their feeds aren’t “purchase-ready” buyers. This is referred to as “cold traffic”. It is likely that no one has heard of your brand or products yet they end up seeing your ad. These ads must be “awareness ads.” They are the kind of ads that provide the viewer with a brief about your brand’s who, what, and why.

Once your intended people are comfortable with the brand you are selling, then you can use an engagement ad like “Our product X can solve Y issue of yours in no time.”

You’re now ready to present them with a personalized deal or coupon code to buy straight from your Amazon storefront.

Utilizing Facebook ads to direct users directly to Amazon is not something that will give you immediate results, consistent experimentation is the key here.  

Utilize Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic To A landing page

Sending Facebook users directly to your Amazon listings is better than not netting any traffic, though there are some crucial things you may miss out on. 

Facebook is not where the majority of people go to do window-shopping. Even though you could be capturing visitors via targeted ads, it will be a traffic with a low buying intention.

Advertising solely on Amazon makes you miss out on essential customer information. Earlier, Amazon sellers could save the information of customers who purchased from them. This data helped in carrying out targeted marketing on Facebook. But this cannot be done now as collecting customer data violates Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Currently, you can monitor the activity of your Amazon listing via the Amazon Attribution program. This program makes use of an automated tracking PIXEL that allows you to track and monitor the shoppers who view your listing. At the moment, Amazon Attribution is in closed beta (invite only) and is reserved for brand-registered sellers only.

For most of us who don’t have access to particular programs, making a landing page is your next best option. The ability to direct shoppers to your landing page allows you to:

  • Get email addresses for future promotional purposes
  • Filter traffic more accurately to ensure that the customers with a high purchase intent “hot traffic” reach your Amazon page

Back To You

With Facebook Ads, you target customers who aren’t active buyers, which can positively impact your Amazon store. You can widen the customer base using effective targeting, fortify your brand’s presence, boost sales and increase traffic on Amazon. Make sure you follow the best practices and carry on experimenting.

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