Comprehensive Sellers Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization 2020

Ever wondered how vital optimized content is for your business? If you have spent time creating your product listing, have you equally invested that much time on ensuring the optimization.

There is no secret that your listing optimization plays a significant role that helps you generate leads and work towards profitability to focus on the enhancement of the business. Listing optimization makes things easier, which allows you to rank up your product or service and gives a chance to boost sales. If you don’t opt for optimization, there are possibilities of you giving up on the leads to outrank your competitors.

Why is optimization required?

When you work towards the development and expansion of the business, some factors are a must to practice. Optimization, being one of them, comes with its advantages. Key benefits that you get when optimization is done well are as follow:

  • Boost in Amazon Sale

Getting Views or Impressions on your product from the strategies is a chance to effectively convert them into the sale. Listing optimization allows you to attract more customers and makes it easy for them to find your product. 

  • Increase in Traffic

Well-optimized content and best performing keywords result in higher traffic. High ranking long-tail keywords make your SEO content of higher value and attract the customers towards your product.

  •  Growth in Profitability

A business is likely to grow when it starts getting potential customers. It is highly crucial to have sustainable customer relationships to grow your business while retaining loyal customers. An organically optimized listing with good reviews always ranks ahead of the competitors saving your advertising cost and giving you higher profit margins.


Important Customer Engaging Points for your Listing Optimization –

Once you ensure the essential criteria of why a listing optimization is needed, the next step is fulfilling the structure of a listing. If you want to sell items on Amazon, make sure to optimize your product page and ensure the Amazon guidelines are being met. Major guidelines to optimize your listing anatomically are listed below:

Product Title – Keep your title crisp & compact. The product title should not exceed 250 characters and make sure to use the vital feature and trending amazon keywords.

Product Images – Your product images play a vital role in compelling the customers to make the purchase. You can have up to 9 images to showcase your product to the customers, however a total of first 7 images are displayed on the Amazon product page depending upon the category. You can always use this section to educate your customers about your product graphically. Use images showing the scale of the product for a better understanding if it is needed.

Product Videos – Amazon has recently launched this feature to upload product videos in the listing. It makes a big difference while branding your product or giving a demo of your product on its usage. This particular addition to the listing will stand out your product from the rest of the competitors.

Key Features – Here, you get an opportunity to describe your critical features of the product well. Make sure to convey all the essential elements in 5 bullet points. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers and think about what they want to know. Provide the necessary yet crucial characteristics of the product.

Product Description – Take a deep dive into the product description as the character limit is up to 2000 characters. Provide the customer with fully-fledged information about products making it easy for them to understand. A use-case based approach works well when used correctly.

Amazon Listing Reviews/ Ratings- The amazon reviews and ratings work like a fuel to your product. Make sure to respond on every review you get on the product. If you are in the top 3-5 star realm, you are doing well, but if you start getting bad reviews or 1-2 ratings figure the problem and try to fix it right away.


How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing?

To rank higher and boost your sales velocity, optimizing the product listing is a must. Converting conversions and increasing the revenue and ROI helps the business to expand on a larger scale and work towards the J curve of the business. Attracting more potential customers and enticing the existing ones, makes optimization a necessity to your product. 

Amazon Product optimization is one process that enables you to engage new customers organically and generate leads. Optimization is done, keeping in mind three vital aspects, i.e., Keywords, Content & Images. When the keywords focus on ranking up the product listing, the content and pictures work to attract higher conversion rates and leads.

There are multiple ways to make sure your Amazon product is well optimized. Some of the best practices to strengthen your listing optimization are given below.

  • Keyword Research

Amazon search terms are one of the best sources of optimization. A well-researched keyword search from a keyword planner tool can make your listing useful and gives you a chance to rank higher on Search Engine results. Keyword analysis helps you to know your target customers and understand the related market and competitors.

  • SEO Content

SEO content has always been the king of all. Quality content serves a lot of purposes like generating high CTR, ranking your product listing, and, most importantly, getting the final conversion and sale. The better your SEO content is, the better your ranking on amazon search engine performs. Amazon SEO works as an opportunity to target your audience and boost sales. 

  •  Optimized Images

Creating a visualization of your product is the foremost step. Optimized images should be well-designed and understandable. An image is a factor that forms the first impression of the product to the customer. Make sure to use well-optimized images with higher pixel quality proving the details and features as stated. Make sure to capture the product images from different angles to set the right expectation from the product.

  •  Product Page

All the points stated above make a product page. Starting from the product title and ending on the product review, a product page is all that convinces the customer to buy your amazon product. Additionally, using EBC and A+ content is a great way to showcase your branded products in a more graphically-enriched way. Make sure to use them all and create an engaging page for amazon marketing through your amazon seller account. 

To make an impact and make sure your product performs well, Amazon listing optimization is all you have to focus on. Enhance your SEO optimization to higher your rank, increase the value of your amazon best selling products, reach to your targeted audience, and work towards the growth of the business. Make every step count!


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