Our client is a US-based manufacturer and deals in arts, crafts and sewing, baby products, toys, and game products. The client does business globally across various channels like Amazon Marketplace in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Walmart, Walmart Retail, Wish, Shopify, Target, eBay, and Etsy.

Having their business spread across the channels so diversely, there is a need for effective and efficient management of the account on all the eCommerce marketplaces. The client was on the lookout for professional account managers.

Areas of Concern

There were many significant challenges that the client faced, like unoptimized listings, non-updated backend keywords, and outdated product images. Apart from these common issues, the client’s primary concerns were with the filing of Amazon compliance reports, proper implementation and integration of tools across Deliverr, Shopify, and Amazon, and failure to retrieve reimbursements for inventory damage, chargebacks, etc.

These issues led to a decline in customer visits on the product pages and, in turn, reduced the sales of the brands. The client was facing issues with Amazon inventory management due to a lack of consolidated reporting of the sales data.

Our Analysis

After we onboarded the client, our experts analyzed the client's accounts on the different eCommerce marketplaces where their business was operational. The client itself had put forth some specific requirements. Keeping both things in mind, we derived the issues that needed to be worked upon.

Reimbursement Issues

Upon analyzing the client's accounts, we deduced that there were discrepancies in the reimbursement claims. The client had filed reimbursement claims for damaged products, loss of inventory, and other chargebacks but did not receive the same. The issue was of grave concern, and immediate action was required on the same.

Implementation and Integration of Tools

Our analysis portrayed inconsistency in integrating tools across the Deliverr, Shopify, and Amazon accounts of the client. The irregular implementation and integration of these tools across the channels led to inefficient and inconsistent inventory management. It needed immediate attention because proper inventory management is necessary for improving sales.

Account Management and Compliance Issues

The client had put forth its requirements for professional account management. There was a workforce shortage at the client's end to handle the different accounts across the eCommerce platforms. The client also needed to file Compliance documents with Amazon standards. Therefore, the client required us to take care of the same.

Outdated Product Pages

We analyzed that Amazon listing optimization was required for product listings on Amazon per the client's requirement. The client also needed to update the product images on the product pages across different channels. The backend keywords present in the product listings were not updated and required optimization. This has led to a loss in the rankings on Amazon SEO, and the client lost potential customers as well.

Unorganized Reporting

While evaluating the client's accounts and sales, we concluded that they lacked consolidated reporting. This resulted in unconsolidated and scattered data, which was insufficient to monitor the performance of the products. Also, the improper management of reports prevented them from doing inventory forecasting.

Working Sellryt's Way

Our in-house experts brainstormed various ideas to curate a plan of action based on our own analysis and the client's requirements. The primary focus was to improve the product performance, reduce the irregularity of information across the channels, and eliminate compliance and reimbursement issues.

Reimbursement Claims Filing

Based on the analysis of our team, we deduced that the client was facing inventory and product losses and was not receiving a refund for the same. We pursued the issue and filed the reimbursement claims within the given deadlines. Continuous follow-ups were conducted with the other end of the channel to keep a check on the status of the issue. The purpose of this exercise was to speed up the process and recover as much amount as possible to recover the loss of the inventory and other respective chargebacks.

Compliance Filings and Amazon Account Management

The client briefed us about the issues it was facing with the Amazon compliances regarding its products. We took the matter into our hands and filed the compliance documents to get the products listed on the marketplaces. Apart from this, we started managing the seller accounts of the client across the different eCommerce channels.
We handled their whole account management and their order fulfillment through Deliverr. We managed the client's Amazon Brand Registry account, and complaints against breaches were duly filed. Moreover, we handled the client's customer support accounts and answered all the queries effectively.

Listing Update for Newly Launched Products

We formulated weekly sales reports for the client, helping them better understand the need for Amazon inventory management. We helped the client with the order processing methods. We helped the client file Amazon FBA fulfillment requests and clear them as well. Moreover, the Pan-European FBA enrollment was completed from our end. The Pan-European Amazon fulfillment helped the client to cater to the inventory across Europe from Germany itself.

Finer Consolidated Reporting

Our analysis showed that reporting was one of the key pain areas for the client. To counter that, we provided the client with weekly sales reports. By creating the weekly reports, we helped them analyze the sales growth over a short and extended period of time.
In addition, we helped the client get hold of their Walmart sales statistics by providing them with the weekly sales report.

Improved Inventory Management

We formulated Forecasting Reports for the client, helping them better understand the need for Amazon inventory management. The forecasting reports gave the client insight into their FBA inventory and the FBM inventory and, in turn, allowed them to manage it in a better way. The forecasting reports also targeted exploiting the seasonality factor. The pet apparel category faces low sales in the US in the summer season. We helped the client increase its apparel sales in the UK during those summer months, keeping the seasonal demography in mind.
The client received regular forecasting reports for Walmart channels to help the client with their Walmart inventory management. In addition, we are assisting the client in adding cases and listings and making inventory conversions from Merchant Fulfilled to Walmart Fulfilled.

What We Achieved

After we implemented our plan of action, we made many improvements to the client's accounts across the various eCommerce platforms. So far, we have worked on optimizing approximately 20 listings and translated 17 listings into 6 European languages. We were able to recover a total of US $2206.39 through reimbursement claims. Moreover, we filed 31 Amazon compliance reports for the client and got them approved as per the Amazon standards.
The working relationship between the client and Sellryt has been quite a successful one. As a result, the client has better integrated eCommerce channels, compliance cleared products, optimized listings, recovered chargebacks and reimbursements, and a better managed inventory with both the Amazon FBA program and FBM fulfillment.