The client is a US-based firm that manufactures and deals in home and hotel textiles. They have a versatile line of products that includes towels, bathrobes, bath mats, and bedsheets. With its business running across Amazon US, the client needed to set up its account on Walmart Marketplace.

Our Analysis

The client had put forth their requirement to increase their brand reach on platforms other than Amazon. They wished to expand their business across different eCommerce platforms. Due to their absence on various eCommerce platforms, their sales were not as high as expected from their products, and it needed a considerable boost to uplift the same. There was a dire need for a better eCommerce plan and an expansion strategy to help the client sustain its business across various eCommerce channels.
We suggested the client get registered on the Walmart Marketplace. We explained to them the following advantages of selling their products at Walmart.

Improved Reach

Walmart Marketplace is home to approximately 120 new visitors every month. It is essential to tap into this reservoir of traffic and get your products to reach an effective and pre-established audience.

Best Pricing

The sellers prefer Walmart for its low pricing. Walmart doesn't charge any setup fees or monthly charges. The only fee Walmart charges is the referral fee applied on every completed purchase.

Better Product Assortment Methods

Walmart doesn't imply any maxima/minima limits on its sellers regarding the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Sellers get to list as many products as they wish to unless they fall into the Walmart prohibited product list.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, we advised the client to enlist themselves as a seller on Walmart Marketplace, and they agreed for the same.

Working Sellryt's Way

Sellryt's in-house Walmart Marketplace experts started working on the registration process to get the client onboarded on Walmart Marketplace.

Product Listings and Optimization

Upon the client's onboarding, we began listing their products on the marketplace. We put up more than 500 Walmart product listings on their product pages with keyword-enriched content. We used keywords with higher search volumes in the product titles and product descriptions for Walmart listing optimization to help improve the products' rankings in the Walmart Search Results. In addition, to provide better SEO support for the PPC campaigns, we used both short-tail and long-tail keywords. The purpose of these mechanisms was to garner organic traffic for the products by achieving higher visibility.

Walmart Advertising Services

We started Walmart Sponsored Ads for the client's products on the marketplace. The sole purpose of doing so was to generate inorganic traffic in addition to the organic one and increase the conversion rate on the product pages.

Order Processing and Walmart Customer Support

After we put up the products on the Walmart Marketplace, we handled the order processing of the client's Walmart account. The order processing was done through FedEx, a third-party shipping firm. We tried to keep the shipping charges as low as possible to keep the consumer base intact. Moreover, we even handled the customer support accounts to take care of the customers' queries and requests post completion of the purchase.

Reimbursement Claims

The client also faced issues with their reimbursement claims for various issues like loss of inventory, damaged products, and other chargebacks. We handled it on behalf of the client and made sure that they received the reimbursements on time.

Walmart Inventory Management and Reporting

We maintained the records of the Walmart inventory of the client and kept them updated. We pulled sales reports and monitored them to prepare forecast reports of the sales to prevent the products from stocking out.
Moreover, we provided the client with weekly sales reports. By creating the weekly reports, we helped them analyze the sales growth over a short and extended period.

And We Did It

Within a short period after implementing our strategies, we were able to help the client with its brand growth on Walmart. We helped the client achieve satisfactory sales within the initial 3 months of onboarding. The client's sales reached $10,000 within 2 months of its onboarding with a RoAS (Return on Ad Spends) of 4.5. Over the due course of our successful working relationship, the client developed a stronghold in the Walmart Marketplace and improved its sales figures in due course of time.