The client is a US-based firm that manufactures and deals in home and hotel textiles. They have a versatile line of products that includes towels, bathrobes, bath mats, and bedsheets. With their business running across Amazon US, the client required efficient Amazon Advertising strategies and Amazon PPC services to improve their sales and enhance their brand reach.

Areas of Concern

The client had put forth their requirements to increase their brand reach and boost their sales. They needed us to improve their products' sales across the Amazon Marketplace. The low visibility of the product listings on Amazon product pages was a significant concern put forward by the client. Due to this, their sales figures had dropped down, and it needed a considerable boost to uplift the same. The client's account required Amazon PPC to make substantial improvements in the business and acquire a better brand reach and improved product visibility on Amazon Search Results.

Our Analysis

Our team of Amazon PPC experts studied the client's products and listings after their onboarding to formulate and follow a specific strategy. Our experts performed a deep analysis of their current product listing performance as per their requirement of improved sales figures and better brand reach. With all these things in mind, we addressed the problem statement at hand.

Unoptimized Product Listings

We analyzed the client's account and the product listings and concluded that the product listings lacked trending keywords. The purpose of using trending and higher search volume keywords is to attract better organic traffic on respective product pages. Without relevant trending keywords in the product listings, there would be insufficient organic traffic, thus reducing the chances of products performing as per expectations. The Amazon product listing optimization was necessary to cover up the loopholes in the listing content and enrich the bullet points and the product description with high search volume keywords. Moreover, the keywords placed in the product listings came to be of use in the PPC campaign structuring too.

Lack of Amazon Advertising Methods

The client made their requirement to enhance their sales figures very clear to us at the time of onboarding. They wished to amplify their products' visibility through improved sales, and we were helping them envision the same. The client required us to implement Amazon advertising to achieve better sales. We analyzed the client's account and the products and deduced that we needed to garner some inorganic traffic. There was an evident need for Amazon PPC campaigns to help enhance the brand reach and brand visibility on Amazon Marketplace.

Unoptimized Amazon PPC Campaigns

We also took the existing PPC campaigns of the client into consideration to gather a purview of why they weren't adequate and the lagging elements. We analyzed the already running PPC campaigns and deduced that they had unprofitable and non-relevant keywords. The Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) of the campaigns was high as well. Also, there was a dire need for reporting to avoid any hassles in the time of need.

Working Sellryt's Way

Once done analyzing the challenges, Sellryt's Amazon advertising experts started brainstorming various ideas to come up with a plan of action with the sole purpose of improving the product performance on Amazon Search Results, enhancing the brand reach, and escalating the sales figures.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We began with the Amazon product listing optimization and optimized the product listings with relevant and trending keywords. We made a few changes to the content of the listings in the bullet points to take the content quality a few notches higher. Apart from that, we looked up keywords with higher search volume using the Helium 10 tool and added them to the product description, bullet points, title, and backend keywords. Further, we used better product images and updated them on the product pages to make them more visually appealing.

Inclusion of Amazon Advertising

Our analyses showed us that we needed something more than just the organic traffic on the product pages to improve the sales figures. To that end, we engaged in Amazon advertising to generate inorganic traffic and help increase the conversion rate.

Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization for Existing Campaigns

We analyzed the data from the existing campaigns and observed the sales reports for the same. After our analysis, we optimized the bids and enabled the profitable keywords in the campaigns. We launched Sponsored Brands Ads to target visitors visiting product pages similar to ours. Moreover, we adjusted the bids on the relevant trending keywords to reduce the ACoS.

What We Achieved

Within a short period after implementing our strategies, we were able to help the client with its brand growth. We helped the client achieve an average monthly growth rate of approximately 70%. The client's sales increased about 3 times within the initial 1-2 months of its onboarding.
Over the due course of our successful working relationship, the client had better reach, enhanced brand visibility, and improved sales figures.