The client is a US-based firm that deals in pet supplies that protects bedding from pet hair. The client has its business across Amazon US, Walmart, Etsy, and eBay. The client required efficient Amazon Advertising strategies and Amazon PPC campaigns to improve its sales and enhance its brand reach.

Areas of Concern

The client had put forth its requirements for Amazon Advertising. The client needed us to improve its products' sales by running Amazon PPC campaigns. The lack of inorganic methods to amplify rankings and visibility of product listings on Amazon product pages was a significant concern put forward by the client. Due to this, the sales figures of the client had dropped down, and a considerable boost was needed to uplift the same. To acquire a better brand reach and improved product visibility on Amazon Search Results, Amazon advertising services like Amazon PPC were required so as to make considerable improvements in the business.

Our Analysis

Upon the client's onboarding, our experts studied the products and their listings to formulate a specific strategy to pursue. The client itself had put forth the requirements for Amazon advertising methods. Post our analysis of the client's product listings, we concluded that product listings needed optimization before we could begin with structuring the Amazon PPC campaign. With all these things in mind, we addressed the problem statement at hand.

Unoptimized Product Listings

While developing an understanding of the client's products, we came to the conclusion that the product listings lacked trending keywords. Without the keywords placed in the product listings, there would have been lower organic traffic, and the products wouldn't have been able to perform well enough to meet the expectations and goals. The product listing optimization was necessary to cover up the loopholes in the listing content and enrich the bullet points and the product description with high search volume keywords. Moreover, the keywords placed in the product listings came to be of use in the PPC campaign structuring too.

Need for Amazon Advertising

The client made its requirement to enhance its sales figures very clearly. The client wanted to improve its sales and needed to amplify the products' visibility. We suggested that the client make use of Amazon advertising services to garner some inorganic traffic as well. The need for Amazon PPC campaigns to help enhance the brand reach, and brand visibility on Amazon Marketplace was evident, and the client accepted our suggestions. We also deduced that the client needed to launch discounts and promotions to encourage the buyers and, in turn, enhance the products' sales.

Lack of Consolidated Reporting

The reports from the previous PPC campaigns of the client were also taken into consideration to gather a purview of why it wasn't effective and the lagging elements. In the attempt to study the previous Amazon PPC campaigns through the reports, we deduced that the reports lacked consolidated information that could give some compelling insight into the sales performance. There was a dire need for proper reporting to avoid any hassle in the time of need.

Working Sellryt's Way

Once done analyzing the challenges, Sellryt's Amazon advertising experts started working with the ideation. We brainstormed various ideas to come up with a plan of action with the sole purpose of improving the product performance on Amazon Search Results, enhancing the brand reach, and escalating the sales figures.

Enhanced Amazon Listing Optimization

While analyzing the client's product listings, we figured out that they could be presented in a better way. Thus, we suggested to the client to get the product listings optimized so as to align them with the trends and get better organic traffic. The client gave us a green signal for the same, and we began with our Amazon product listing optimization. We made a few changes to the content of the listings in the bullet points to take the content quality a few notches higher. Apart from that, we looked up trending keywords using the Helium 10 tool and added them to the product description, bullet points, title and even updated the backend keywords.

Inclusion of Amazon Advertising

We figured out that in order to improve the sales figures, we needed something more than just the organic traffic on the product pages. Therefore, we decided to engage in Amazon advertising to generate inorganic traffic and help increase the conversion rate.

Generating Weekly Reports

We kept monitoring the data from the campaigns and generated weekly reports for the same. The reports were segregated as per the requirement - sales reports were kept to monitor the conversion rates, and the reports of keywords' performance were analyzed to optimize the bid adjustments. Based on the reports' data, we increased the bid on the better performing keywords and reduced the bid on the keywords that were not doing so well in the campaigns. Moreover, based on these reports, we marked the non-relevant keywords as negative keywords in the campaigns.

What We Achieved

Within a short period post implementation of our plan of action, we were able to help the client with its brand growth. We helped the client achieve a growth rate of approximately 90% within the initial 2-3 months of its onboarding. The client's sales increased about 10 times over the due course of our successful working relationship.
Over time, the client had better reach, enhanced brand visibility, and improved sales figures.


growth rate in 2-3 months

increase in sales