8 Ideas to Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers on Amazon

Holiday Shoppers

Holiday shoppers on Amazon can be divided into 4 basic categories: shoppers who plan their purchases early, shoppers who shop steadily, shoppers who wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and shoppers who procrastinate till the last minuteWell, now that the early birds have gotten their pick, steady ones are wrapping up, and the Black Friday madness is over, it is time to turn the focus towards the last-minute holiday shoppers. We all have been guilty of shopping at the last minute before a holiday or family event at some point in life. So, without judging the last-minute holiday shoppers, let us look at what changes we can make to our Amazon PPC Management techniques to capture the attention of the massive share of procrastinators who always wait for the last minute.

Following are 8 ideas that you can implement to help you better connect with the last-minute audience and increase sales and conversions in the process.

  1.  Get the most value from your PPC campaign

Amazon PPC Management can be a simple and efficient way to conduct some marketing for the holidays. It’s recommended to bid on competitors’ brands and possibly your own if you want to ensure you’ve covered the basics. can be a simple and efficient way to conduct some marketing for the holidays. It’s recommended to bid on competitors’ brands and possibly your own if you want to ensure you’ve covered the basics. Having another brand appearing instead of your company’s name on the search results is the last thing you want. This is when you should think about increasing your budget to make a competitive bid.

In addition to brand and products, you need to include all-encompassing keyword phrases in the Amazon Sponsored Ads that relate to the gifts. Consider that last moment shoppers are pressed for time and usually don’t know what they’d like. They’ll search online for ideas by typing things such as “best gifts for mom” or “best present for mom,” or “affordable Christmas gifts.” By adding additional long-tail keywords, you’ll help somebody out and earn the interest of prospective buyers.

  1.  Send a Holiday Message

The fact that BF and CM are over does not mean that it’s too late to promote your product. In fact, the first half of December is the perfect opportunity to do so. For the best results, add a gift or a special offer. Christmas-themed messages can be an excellent method to remind shoppers to get their shopping on track before it’s too late.

  1.  Create a Holiday Bundle Guide

If you’re just putting together your Christmas marketing strategy, you’ll probably feel with those who are also late in the shopping game. You can create a bundle with products that complement each other and display them prominently on the website. As bundles consist of a variety of products in one place, they are an excellent way to nudge people who are unsure of what to buy at the last minute for their colleagues and bosses towards a convenient choice. 

  1.  Be Visual

If you’re trying to attract more customers to your business, you should consider putting up holiday-themed creatives. People are usually happy when it’s this time of the year, and you can bring out the spirit of the festive season by creating a holiday vibe to the product images and videos, A+ content, sponsored brand ads, sponsored display ads, sponsored video ads, and to the Amazon brand store.

  1.  Be Considerate and Friendly

The Christmas season is known to encourage generosity and kindness in shoppers. Even if you’re not planning on elaborate marketing to promote the month of December, it is possible to improve sales during the holiday season by providing your customers with a pleasant experience. Let them know you’re thinking of them by offering freebies and discounts. You can also offer wrapping services.

A great way to reduce confusion, and improve your reputation while selling on Amazon is by ensuring that your deliveries are on time. This promotes trust among your customers, enhancing your brand credibility which in turn, earns you a loyal customer base. The important thing for customers is to place an order on the 24th of December and expect it to arrive at Christmas time.

  1.  Incorporate urgency into your marketing message

Because shoppers are already feeling stressed, sometimes it pays to remind them that the time is short for making a final decision. If you’re offering discounts such as free shipping or offering particular items for sale for a specific period, then promote those accordingly. You can offer a variety of products for a brief period of time, till your supplies last. This could give shoppers the nudge they’ve been looking for, as FOMO (fear of missing out) is a thing. This is the season to make the most of that feeling.

  1.  Let your voice be heard on social media

Garner the most benefits from your social media presence! Although campaigns are often required to be planned ahead in advance, it won’t take much time to develop ideas for an enjoyable countdown for the holiday season. Promote the use of flash soles or gift cards when you offer gifts or have gift ideas. No matter what option you pick for festive fun and promotions now is not the best time to go into a state of slumber on social media. Being active in spreading the Christmas spirit will go a long way. These actions will help in keeping your business at the forefront of the mind of any potential last-minute customer.

  1.  Seek out social media influencers

This is the right time to collaborate with social media influencers! They can help create a more authentic brand. Customers interested in your products can see someone putting your products to use and hear their thoughts about the benefits. Hence, giving your brand credibility. As the holiday season approaches its end, this kind of trust could be the only thing needed for the shoppers to believe that your product will be the ideal gift for their loved ones.

Wrapping Up

Here, we have covered all the ideas that we could come up with to help you attract any last-minute holiday shoppers. Sometimes, doing so much on your own can get tedious and hamper productivity. In that case, you can always seek a reputable Amazon PPC outsourcing company to help you out. Doing so will help ease Amazon PPC management and give you many other benefits apart from saving time and effort.

At Sellryt, an Amazon advertising partner, we excel at helping brands and sellers increase their business. We have been at it for 7 years, and have built quite a reputation along the way. You can consult our Amazon PPC management experts for free and know how we can take your business to the next level. Cheers!

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