Amazon Prime Day 2021: Tips for Advertising Success

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Sellers – get on your heels since Amazon Prime Day 2021 is knocking at your doors. Prime Day is the second greatest shopping day of the year after Black Friday, regardless of being particular to Amazon Prime customers. Nevertheless, anybody can take advantage of this phenomenal deal day from Amazon. 

Amazon sponsored ad utilizes an advertising framework called Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click), where advertisers pay for the ad each time a visitor clicks on it and views the product. As a result, Amazon charges an insignificant expense for showing ads.

What is Amazon Advertising?

To purchase an ad, Amazon depends on the auction technique: organizations name the value they will be willing to pay for a click, and those that make the “auction” successful have their ads show up. Most advertisers start with the basics, learning as they go and adding further developed strategies to their repertoire over the long run. The good news is there are quite a few different ways to use Amazon’s advertising tools and usefulness to begin improving outcomes with your advertising spends. 

However, there may be times when you question if your product could do great on the search engine with the vast competition out there. While creating Amazon-sponsored product campaigns (or Amazon advertising all in all), sellers are confronted with the subject of which products and keywords they need to target for ad groups and campaigns. The correct design of the campaign relies upon the intent and categorization of the seller’s inventory, the dealer’s essential targets, and different marks of thought.

Here are some tactics to be followed to make the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2021.

1. Maintain consistency in campaign structuring

Amazon PPC campaigns permit a rough design for your ad activities. Typically, a campaign design will give you a set of parameters to be segregated upon that follow at least one of the attributes mentioned below.

  • By brand
  • By best sellers
  • By product category

If you want your PPC campaign to be successful, you need to structure it beforehand to let it gain momentum by the time Amazon Prime Day comes calling.

2. Optimize your Product Listings and Images

You need to optimize your Amazon product listings to mirror the product and not the offer. On Amazon, everybody’s offer is consolidated onto a solitary product detail page, which is the thing that makes it a product-centered marketplace. In case you’re the brand owner, you control that page. In case you’re a reseller, you just control your offer. The product detail page is about the subtleties of the product. Brands taking part in Amazon Brand Registry can recount their accounts with A+ Content. The product should straightforwardly identify with the detail pages. Also, as a note, sellers can’t add anything to their product detail pages that notice Prime Day specials, deals, and so forth, as this is an infringement of Amazon’s Terms of Service. Ensure you optimize your product images for transformation. Study the product images of any top-selling product, and you’ll see the images are more similar to magazine advertisements. The primary image must be on a white background, yet different images should clarify the key highlights.

3. Keeping a check on the rise in the cost of PPC campaigns

Amazon’s Prime Day carries many customers to Amazon looking for savings. It also brings out a lot of rivalry among sellers battling to catch those customers’ eyes. This implies that your ordinary PPC campaigns will more likely not be influenced, particularly in the more competitive keywords where a few sellers may be expanding their financial plan for the occasion. Cautiously consider your PPC strategies paving the way to Prime Day, so you’re not taken aback without an arrangement or a financial plan. At times, particularly for your smash hit and most noteworthy room for error, it very well might be awesome to pay the extra cash to remain cutthroat for your most high-performing keywords. Test various choices out in the weeks, paving the way to Prime Day with the goal that you can perceive what PPC strategies are well on the way to expand sales in advance.

4. Making higher bids on ads

So, would it be advisable for you to get your Amazon Sponsored ads costs higher on Prime Day? Is it good enough when you realize that advertisers will be raising their funds? 

We suggest breaking out discrete Sponsored Products and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) campaigns explicitly for Amazon Prime Day. Raise your bids on essential items, or utilize the chance to work out campaigns that include new products or occasional items. Decide the amount you need to spend and for how long you need to advertise. Think about your target crowd and when they are well on the way to shop on the site.

5. Bundling of Products

Amazon shoppers appreciate bundled packages. Packaging your things at a markdown makes them more alluring and can expand sales. It’s likewise a move that can make your PPC campaign enjoyable contrasted with your competition. When assembling bundles, utilize the chance to dispose of stock that is more slow-moving or matured. Along these lines, you can get out a portion of your old inventory and benefit from it. You need the things in the bundle to offer some incentive to your customers. On the off chance that it would seem that you’re attempting to charge them for obsolete products, you may bargain your associations with them.


The aforementioned tips and suggestions are a few ways you can follow to optimize your advertising strategies to increase your Amazon Prime Day sales. With sufficient research and efforts put into content strategizing and campaigns, you can get your desired results on this Amazon Prime Day. Sellryt is your one-stop Amazon PPC management agency to plan for eCommerce sales events and Amazon PPC services. For more information on Amazon Prime Day strategies, feel free to contact us.

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