Amazon Prime day 2021: Tips and strategy for Advertising Success

As a crucial selling period every year, Amazon sellers and brands realize that it is critical to prepare their businesses for Prime Day as soon as possible, with necessary strategies set up early to maximize the ROI. Regardless of being delayed to October, Prime Day 2020 was a beneficial occasion for third-party sellers, who saw a 60% year-over-year expansion in global sales, creating $3.5 billion. Likewise, total global sales – including Amazon and first-party traders — came to almost $10 billion, up 43% from the earlier year. With more businesses than any other time currently accepting Amazon, Prime Day 2021 is set to be another enormous occasion that sellers need to plan for.

Remember that you must have a Prime Day Lightning Deal or offer a gift voucher coupon to have an effective Prime Day. There will generally be an enormous convergence of customers to Amazon, and patterns will, in general, change. Indeed, customers trust that a particular product will go at a bargain, yet an enormous segment of customers simply love a decent arrangement. Here are some tactics to be followed to make the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Manage your inventory strategically 

For any products you intend to promote on Prime Day, it is essential that you set aside the effort to assess what stock levels are fitting to keep away from any potential issues. Since running out of stock on a mainstream event can influence a listing’s rankings and your seller execution measurements, ensure you have sufficient stock to last all through Prime Day, particularly if you plan on using Lightning Deals. In light of Feedvisor’s Prime Day 2020 information, a few product categories saw support for incomplete sales development. Specifically, Electronics became 12% contrasted with 2019, with large numbers of the occasion’s general top-selling products falling inside the Electronics class. You are selling across these well-known classifications on the off chance. Having sufficient stock to satisfy the developing need will be fundamental to your Prime Day achievement.

Lightning Deals and Free shipping

If you’re an Amazon Prime Day seller, Lightning Deals are a phenomenal method to help your sales and rapidly consume stock. Even though they just run for a restricted measure of time on Amazon, they are an incredible publicizing alternative with the capacity to build your sales figures significantly in a concise amount of time. 

In case you are fulfilling orders by yourself (Fulfillment by Merchant, FBM), it is fundamental that you offer free transportation if you need to rival Prime-qualified sellers or Amazon itself. Without free delivery, you will probably miss out on the Buy Box undeniably more frequently, regardless of whether you have a lower price point.

Use Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Optimizing the content that shows up on your product listing pages is consistently significant. Notwithstanding, it very well may be a distinct advantage for Prime Day when you consider the sheer volume of traffic that your products can see. Streamlined content frequently drives more grounded change rates, which lead to more sales, assisting with alleviating the cost of steeply restricted products and promoting costs. Remember, Enhanced Brand Content, or A+ Content, ought to be viewed soon because of the endorsement cycle of Brand Registry and the time required to make said content.

Drive traffic from your website

Amazon Prime Day offers an incredible chance to build sales on your website too. With buy purpose at a mainly raised rate, you ought to think about running promotions on your website. While exceptionally energetic to buy, Amazon guests are additionally profoundly active to track down the best deal. In case you’re ready to offer comparative or improved worth on your website, you could see extra product sales while staying away from the Amazon broker taking an enormous piece of your benefits. Be that as it may, Amazon claims all authority to eliminate the Buy Box if they track down a more cutthroat offer somewhere else, so ensure your worth contribution isn’t only a lower cost, yet maybe an extra motivating force or bundled promotion.

Optimize your Product Listings and Images

You need to optimize your Amazon product listings to mirror the product and not the offer. On Amazon, everybody’s offer is consolidated onto a solitary product detail page, which is the thing that makes it a product-centered marketplace. In case you’re the brand owner, you control that page. In case you’re a reseller, you just control your offer. The product detail page is about the subtleties of the product. Brands taking part in Amazon Brand Registry can recount their accounts with A+ Content. Detail pages should be straightforwardly identified with that product. Also, as a note, sellers can’t add anything to their product detail pages that notice Prime Day specials, deals, and so forth, as this is an infringement of Amazon’s Terms of Service. Ensure you optimize your product images for transformation. Study the product images of any top-selling product, and you’ll see the images are more similar to magazine advertisements. The primary image must be on a white background, yet different images should clarify the key highlights.


The five tips and suggestions listed above are a few ways you can follow to optimize your advertising strategies to increase your Amazon Prime Day sales. With adequate research and efforts put into the campaigns and content strategizing, you can achieve desired results on this Amazon Prime Day. Sellryt is your one-stop Amazon account and PPC management agency to plan for eCommerce sales events and make the most sales. For more information on Amazon Prime Day strategies, feel free to contact us.

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