Amazon Prime day 2021: How to Prepare for the Biggest Event

Amazon Sellers – fasten your seatbelts because Amazon Prime Day 2021 is around the corner. Prime Day is the second biggest shopping day of the year after Black Friday, regardless of being selective to Amazon Prime shoppers. That has never been an issue. Notwithstanding, anyone can exploit this uncommon deal day from Amazon.

In 2015, Amazon dispatched Prime Day as a day loaded up with deals and sales to compensate Prime individuals on its anniversary. The first Prime Day went on for 24 hours. Amazon Prime Day has kept on growing in size and extension by including more things and extending the occasion to two days from that point forward. The sales occasion keeps on being a gigantic achievement. In 2020, Amazon Prime Day sales came to an expected $10.4 billion worldwide. Up until now, it is the best shopping event in Amazon history. Compared to 2019, customer spending developed by 45%, inferable from changing buyer shopping conduct during the pandemic.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to make the most out of your Prime Day sales and knock your objectives out of the ballpark.


  • Prepare your inventory in advance – Assess your Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) inventory early. Running out of stock will sabotage your rankings and sales. So setting everything straight will assist you with staying away from excessive migraines identified with inventory on the board. Furthermore, if you have an expansive inventory, Amazon thinks you offer more worth to your customers. Categories like electronics, apparel, appliances, and jewelry saw a considerable boost a year ago. On the off chance that you are a brand or seller under these classes, ensure you have sufficient inventory to fulfill your customers’ demands.

  • Approach websites with unique sales pages – Numerous sites set up particular sales pages on high-volume selling days like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or Amazon Prime Days, and these aren’t simply online stores. Many of these destinations are partnered with Amazon through their Associate’s program, which implies that they continually search for products with substantial limited time costs for monumental occasions. In this way, it’s an extraordinary thought to do your exploration and contact sites that have uncommon day pages.

  • Offer deals and discounts – Deals assume a conspicuous part during the Prime Day event. Amazon Prime Day lightning deals make a magnificent method to support your product sales rapidly. Even though they run for a limited time, they are an excellent method to build your sales force, and consequently, sales figures generously. Lightning deals may not be helpful for new sellers. You need to fabricate some standing beforehand. In case you’re not kidding about Amazon Prime Day sales, you should consider submitting deals for different products with severe costs. Amazon will be overwhelmed with deals on Prime Day, and it may pick a couple of your entries. So ensure you do what’s needed exploration and give your best out there.

  • Amazon PPC Campaign optimization – Optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns is an essential step in your Prime Day planning. Here is a rundown of PPC strategies you need to keep in mind.
  • To generate maximum ROI, you should create manual campaigns to enhance the search visibility of keywords.
  • To find the latest keyword trends and negative keywords, you should set up automated campaigns.
  • To achieve better conversions, download the search terms report regularly and keep track of it.
  • If you group keywords based on their purpose and customers’ choice, it will make it easy for you to understand your audience and track campaigns.


  • Review your return policy – It’s easy to miss out on this one part of Prime Day arrangements: your return and refund policy. It’s simply normal to expect more returns and refund demands in a period of altogether more volume, so make sure to get your policies entirely. Returns and refunds consistently matter; this is the motivation behind why numerous retailers will, in general, drag out their returns and refunds policy during the holidays. Along these lines, less time is squandered in taking care of them during the warmth of the holiday furor. If you intend to broaden your policies overseeing returns and refunds, make sure to keep your shoppers mindful. There’s in a real sense no reason not to, given the valuable ways you can speak with your customers.

The five tips and suggestions listed above are a few ways you can follow to enhance your Amazon Prime Day sales. With adequate research and efforts put into the prior planning, you can achieve desired results on this Amazon Prime Day. Sellryt is your one-stop Amazon account and Amazon PPC management agency to plan ahead for e-commerce sales events and make the most sales. For more information on Amazon Prime Day strategies, feel free to contact us.

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