6 Amazon PPC Strategies You Can Use To Boost Sales This Festive Season

The fourth quarter from October to December is a wild and buzzing period for any retail business. In the e-commerce sphere, the competition is fierce at this festive time, and online sellers are on the hunt to leverage all kinds of Amazon PPC services they can to get their message across. 

Amazon has a vast market share of holiday shoppers. This means competing on the platform is pivotal for all businesses. But how can you gain a competitive edge and see strong sales and great conversions during this festive season? This is where PPC comes in.

If you don’t have an established market share, it can be risky to rely only on organic search results to make your products reach the shoppers. So, PPC helps you get there and drives better performance.

You can always consult a PPC agency that provides top-notch Amazon PPC services to save time and increase productivity. However, we have listed six excellent PPC strategies that can help you boost your sales and drive conversions in this festive season.

1. Get Buy Box

The buy box lets customers directly add items to their cart as it is conveniently located near the “Add to Cart” button. A buy box can assure a shopper that the product promises a balance of excellent seller performance and a low price. It is critical for success during the holiday season as sellers prefer to buy items that have a buy box regardless of who the seller is.

Following are some tips to be eligible for the buy box:

  • Improve seller feedback
  • Speed up shipments
  • Keep items well stocked
  • Set reasonable prices

2. Create Strategies For Promotional Periods

To achieve great sales in the fourth quarter, you need to look carefully and prepare for the critical periods on the sales event calendar of Amazon. During these phases, most of the shoppers are looking to buy.

  • Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week.
  • Black Friday.
  • Cyber Monday.
  • December 12 Days of Deals.

Customers have a strong intent of buying in these periods. Even if they don’t know what they want, they will look for things to avail discounts. These are the most effective times wherein you can increase PPC bids and offer Lightning Deals and coupons.

3. Holiday Centric Campaigns

Implying this strategy will help you do more with less. Adding holiday themes to the PPC ad campaigns allows the shoppers better associate the products with the seasonal ideas already present in their minds.

You can launch holiday-centric PPC campaigns. Like, add a holiday message that says, “Makes for an excellent stocking stuffer!” retool holiday images on Sponsored Brand ads, and utilize holiday keywords on the best-selling items. It will establish a link between the festive holiday season and your products. 

4. Prioritize Your Amazon PPC Budget

During the festive season, it is critical to put ad dollars where they count the most. Think about why Amazon is the best investment for PPC resources during holidays. Consumers are ready to buy, and even during the research stage, they browse through Amazon listings the most. E-commerce is a hotline for impulsive purchases, making Amazon the most sound festive PPC investment for retailers.

This doesn’t imply that you neglect the PPC ad presence of Facebook and Google. It is just that you need to direct your investment towards the platforms that are most likely to convert shoppers during the holiday season. You can also expand on this by allocating more resources towards Google in the third quarter (when shoppers are at the beginning of festive product search), then gradually shifting the focus to Amazon as the apex of holiday shopping approaches.

5. Utilize The “Adjust Bids By Placement” Feature

PPC ad placements on Amazon aren’t always equal. The conversion rates and CTR in the first SERP row (Top of Search) are much higher than the on-page placements and lower in the SERP.

Luckily, the PPC interface of Amazon now has an “Adjust bids by placement” feature that lets you maximize ROI by adjusting bids automatically by up to 900 percent right when the ad is likely to appear on the Top of Search position. This feature enables you to double down on the most profitable and best-performing items. Doing so can be costly, and you may not want to use it year-round, but it is worth using in the holiday season. 

6. Drive Conversions With An Impressive Product Detail Page

PPC tactics can certainly get customers to your door, but good content is the driving factor behind conversions. Move customers efficiently down the funnel by optimizing your product pages with appealing content and relevant information to drive more conversions. You can follow the points below:

  • Add lifestyle images and several high-quality images that display the product from every angle. Try adding a holiday theme to the pictures.
  • Make critical product information easily visible to the shopper, so they don’t need to hunt for it. 

Wrapping Up

The main goal of crafting a great PPC campaign on Amazon is to run adverts that help the shoppers purchase items that will make their holiday shopping experience worth it. You can incorporate these PPC strategies to make your festive campaigns successful for you and your customers. If you ever need assistance with PPC services and management for Amazon, we at Sellryt would happily help. Book a free consultation today!

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