Amazon Brand Registry: Benefits of Enrolling in the Program for Seller

If you have an aspiration to be a top-selling brand on an Amazon marketplace, having control over what you sell is crucial. By control, we imply protecting your brand’s trademarks, creating a trusted shopping experience for consumers surfing on the platform. To empower brands with such authority and command over their products, Amazon has a program called Brand Registry.

Before delving further into how Amazon Brand Registry benefits your business, let us first understand what it stands for.  

Amazon Brand Registry – What Is The Program All About?

Brand Registry is a program established by Amazon for brand owners and sellers on the platform’s marketplaces that allows them to register their brand’s trademark and access enhanced reporting tools to control their offerings. 

In 2017, the e-retail giant launched a revamped version of the program. In today’s date, it equips brands to protect their intellectual property and build a strong presence on an Amazon marketplace and expand their business. 

Now that you know what Brand Registry stands for, let’s look at the benefits of enrolling in the program. 

Benefits of Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry Program 

1. Protects Your Product Listings

If you encounter a situation where a third-party seller changes your product listings, you have to open a case with Amazon’s seller representatives in normal circumstances. But, if your brand is registered with the Brand Registry program, you don’t have to go through this tedious process. It grants you the authority to decide how your product listings appear and how they are marketed. 

Most importantly, Amazon Brand Registry minimizes the issues caused by other sellers altering your brand’s information as it gives priority to the registered brand while ranking the data. 

A few other notable protection measures taken by the program include:

  • Other listings that use your logo and trademark but are offering a different product
  • Listings making use of your brand name, fraudulently. 
  • Your product images with the trademark that doesn’t represent your brand

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2. Enables Access to Important Report and Search Tools

The Brand Registry program has various in-built search and reporting tools to help sellers monitor and manage their Amazon brands. For instance, it won’t be difficult to find out if an infringement issue occurs with one of your listings. You can use the tools to catch these problems promptly and reduce the potential losses to your sales on the platform. 

Once you find out that another seller is wrongly using your brand’s logo, trademark, content, or company information, make use of the program’s workflows to report the matter. When you file the report, Amazon acts upon it and resolves the issue on priority.

3. Helps Increase Sales

One of the biggest and most noticeable advantages of registering in the Brand Registry program is increased sales. As we discussed in the points above, Amazon removes all the fraudulent listings and places importances on the information provided by you, which has a direct impact on product sales. 

By doing so, Amazon Brand Registry also helps protect your brand’s reputation and identity. For example, if seller X uses your brand name to sell a low-quality item on the platform, you could face a massive outrage from the shoppers who end up completing that purchase. 

4. Widens Your Advertising Prospects

By being part of the Brand Registry program, you can gain an advertising edge over your competitors to make you eligible to run Sponsored Brand Ads. This ad type is advantageous and provides an option to promote upto three products in each ad promotion. It also allows the inclusion of your logo and brand name, which can help build and enhance brand association among prospective consumers. 

With Sponsored Brands, you also gain increased visibility for your listings as these ads are placed at the top on the search result pages, over Sponsored Products. By utilizing this ad option, you can create a robust advertising plan for your brand with plenty of options to choose from. 

The Verdict

Amazon Brand Registry is designed for all types of brands, whether small or large. It has various in-built tools to protect your products and its customers from fraudulent sellers, and the biggest plus is that it is absolutely free of cost. 

So, yes, if you’d ask us, we would definitely recommend you to go ahead with registering your brand on the program. 

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