8 Effective Amazon PPC Bid Strategies for Black Friday

November marks the arrival of winter, and Black Friday continues to hold a strong position in terms of sales. Thus, it is essential to plan and execute effective sales strategies during this period to have an edge over others in profit-making. Amazon PPC Strategies are, therefore, important for sellers to earn big bucks! There are multiple ways to gear up for Black Friday, ensure profit margins rise, and deliver a successful sales campaign.

1. When Just A Day Promises Large Profits, Preparation Is Key

It is crucial to prepare ahead of schedule—an absolute waste of strategizing if initiated at the last moment of execution. The sales strategies should be well planned and ahead of time. This provides a lot more value and error correction (if any) before D-Day.

Being open to advise and reviews is also a significant aspect of selling on Black Friday. The honest reviews and advice from valuable sources are an absolute goldmine of information, resulting in effective plans being finalized before execution on Black Friday. Be extra attentive to the reviews posted by regular customers, and plan the sales strategies accordingly.

Inventory stock-up is necessary to deal with the sales converted during Black Friday. For example, if your average sales numbers during the year are 10000 and you expect at least 25% of your sales during Black Friday, 12500 is the number of product stocks that you should keep ready for shipping.

2. Thorough Strategizing Of Marketing And Advertisements

Reaching out to the right people through proper Advertisement is drop-dead essential for a successful campaign to run, and when it comes to a high-priority sales day, the necessity is doubled, if not more. 

An Amazon advertising partner or any other Amazon PPC company requires constant communication with the advertising team and proper analysis. Continuous surveillance must be initiated at least 3 weeks before Black Friday to understand how the sales would pan up. If the ads do not succeed, it will signify someone else having a better sales-conversion rate.

The Marketing Team has to be on its toes, acting aggressively in all ways possible, making sure it has all grounds covered with multiple lingual consistencies across the sales platforms.

Budgeting is a must, but little over-the-top spending will still be worth it, considering the sales volume taking place during Black Friday.

3. Ad Extensions

Try to find out the niche and products with the highest conversion rates and highlight them using specific link extensions. Use brilliant extension descriptions such as “BLACK FRIDAY GADGET DEALS.” 

Provide lucrative promotions for specific products, adding the option to use Promo codes during order checkout ( e.g., BLACKFRIDAYTV).

4. Research, Read, And Rethink The Market Prices And Demands

Staying in the game with an umpteen number of competitors is getting more challenging by the day. Hence, you should know how the market is performing and how people’s demands vary. 

For a successful selling campaign, execute proper market research and try to churn out relevant plans from the variations of prices and demand factors that the market experiences at that time.

Use specific tools that provide helpful information about the demands of a particular product. A haphazard and unorganized demand study would lead to fewer numbers of converted sales at the end of the day, and NO seller wants that, right?

5. Restructure Product Listings

There might be many captivatingly described products listed on Amazon, but are they optimized for a Black Friday Sale?

If the answer is No, list out the potential products for sale and re-imagine their descriptions to better appeal to the customers during the sale.

Amazon PPC Management also comes in handy when you find it hard to look for appropriate keywords. Other specialized keyword tools can also be utilized to find a better keyword combination.

Having a robust budget is necessary. If the spendings seem to rise the estimated levels, study the probabilities of the outcome and compare if it is worth spending more and increasing the budget.

6. Offer Shipping And Returns At No Extra Cost

There is always a crowd where the word “FREE” is used. People have had that affinity towards free goods and services since time immemorial. Use this evergreen technique to boost up your sales during Black Friday. 

Provide excellent customer support well before Black Friday to gain a good amount of customer satisfaction. This works wonders as positive word of mouth, and positive reviews bolster the number of sales significantly.

7.  Learn From The Past, Make Revenue Fast

Experience has no alternatives. So, if you have any sort of experience of Black Friday sales, use it to enrich and improve sales strategies. Make the buyer experience a wholesome one by rectifying all the previous mistakes. 

But for the freshers, this is also a great learning curve. There is always a first time, and this Black Friday is an opportunity for the fresh, yet aggressive sellers to dive deep and list possible corrections for the next big sale.

For example, if a product generated more sales than expected in the last Black Friday sale, you can ramp up your inventory accordingly this time around. This will help you to save more time and be efficient while delivering the products as well.

Also, use the experience effectively and implement Amazon PPC strategies to find the correct combination of keywords for a better reach.

8. Create Campaigns dedicated solely to Black Friday

Use your social media handles to create landing pages that take the user to some fantastic Black Friday deals. Work your audience around to gain knowledge over a particular brand or product and see if it works or not. 

Amazon PPC strategies also help to find the specific keywords required to run a successful campaign. 

Prepare a list of products you feel would be the best fit for a Black Friday sale according to your niche, and then generate emails targeting a specific group of existing customers. Use keywords such as “Black Friday Deals,” “Friday Fireworks,” etc. Start such experimental marketing strategies well before the actual sale begins to gather relevant information and experience.

Wrapping Up

Finally, it all comes down to a proactive start to the campaign. Plan your sales strategies effectively using past experiences if available. Be extra aggressive in advertising and marketing.

A successful build-up to the final day would increase the chances of getting a higher number of conversions. A higher return of investment is only expected if the execution is done right, and with the help of Amazon PPC Strategies, you can optimize things with utmost efficiency.

Now is not the time to relax. So stock up some coffee, a few energy drinks maybe! Hit the iron while it’s hot, and the shape of success will mold itself according to your vision and execution! 

If you need assistance with PPC strategies and Amazon PPC management, we at Sellryt, an Amazon advertising partner, would be glad to help. Book a free consultation today!

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