4 Walmart Advertising Types and Strategies to Utilize in 2022

The Walmart Marketplace is an excellent platform for many people who spend their money in-store and online. It is also ideal for making your products reach the target customer. Listing products on the platform is the initial step, and then you can utilize Walmart Advertising to elevate your business to the next level. This is done through 4 different advertising methods: Walmart Sponsored Products, Native Banner Ads, Catapult Ads, and Site Search Feature Ads. 

With Walmart Advertising, more and more shoppers will see your advertisements, ultimately building your business and increasing sales. 

Here, we’ll give you a brief on the 4 types of Walmart Marketplace Ads and 4 strategies that you can use to improve your ad campaigns on Walmart. 

Available Walmart Advertising Options

Walmart offers four main advertising formats:

Sponsored Products

Walmart Sponsored products, the primary form of advertising that companies use to promote their products. These are sponsored ads which appear on PCs and mobile devices and the Walmart app.

They come in three formats: 

In-grid search results are the first format.

They are listed in the search results along with other products of the same category, and the tag “Sponsored product” is present with these ads.

These ads can also be seen at the bottom section of the page designated to Walmart-sponsored products. This format is a carousel of product ads is related to user queries.

And the final is a buy box format where the ad appears under the buy box on the product detail page. This format is only available for automatic campaigns.

To run such ads, the organic listing of your products is required to be in the top 128 results. 

Native Banner Ads

On opting for this type of ad, Walmart displays your products at the top section of the product category pages in a banner format.

For example, on selling men’s clothes on the Marketplace, you will likely have a banner ad appear in the top section of “men’s clothing” on Walmart.

Native Banner Ads serve as a great way to boost the brand awareness of your business. The prerequisite to running these ads is to partner with the Walmart Media Group.

Catapult Ads

This is another advertising option offered by Walmart for your business. Catapult ads appear on the top section of a product listing page and contain the terms “Featured Item” to indicate sponsored content.

Catapult ads help you scale the sales of your business. Unlike Walmart-sponsored products, this kind of ad doesn’t rely on keywords. Relevancy is instead determined by product categories. To get the most from such ads, you need to maintain a low ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).

Site Search Feature Ads

The final Walmart advertising option is site search feature ads. It enables brand promotion for you on a related product page. Shoppers on clicking your ad are redirected to the page featuring all your products.

These ads are ideal for increasing both conversions and brand awareness for your business.

4 Prime Walmart Advertising Strategies

So far, we have covered the different ad types that you can use. Let us now dive into the strategies that you can use to advertise your products and drive more sales on the Walmart Marketplace.

  1. Set Competitive Price for your Products

Pricing your products competitively will help your ads generate more clicks and sales. It is critical to choose the right price as Walmart focuses on fulfilling products with the maximum value and lowest prices.

Competitive prices increase the chances of a shopper clicking on your ad over a competitor’s ad.

Additionally, another incentive to do this is to attain the buy box. When multiple sellers sell the same product, Walmart lists them all together and gives the buy box (add to cart) to one deserving company. Usually, the company possessing the buy box offers the best value for money.

You increase your chances of earning more sales and boosting your business revenue by earning the buy box.

  1. Devote Time and Effort Towards Earning More Reviews

Earning reviews won’t directly affect your ad’s positioning, but it acts as a major factor for shoppers to click on your ad. Reviews tell shoppers if a product is worth purchasing, so, in order to drive more leads with ads, you should put time and effort into earning positive reviews for your listings.

Walmart automatically emails the shoppers, asking them to review a product a few weeks after fulfilling them. But there are other ways to earn more reviews.

Like, you can include a card in your packaging to remind customers to review their purchases. This is a great way to provide a physical reminder for a review.

More reviews will eventually help guide future shoppers towards clicking on your product ads and purchasing your products.

  1. Focus on the Best Performing Platform

Focusing on the platforms that perform the best is a smart promotional strategy. 

After you have launched your ad campaigns, Walmart displays them on a tablet, desktop, and mobile device. You have the option to optimize your campaigns as per the device. After a few months of running ads, if you find that most of your sales are coming from mobile users, you can re-optimize the strategy and set your budget to put more money into mobile campaigns.

This Walmart Ads strategy can help you identify and capitalize on the platform that can result in higher conversions.

  1. Focus on Your Secondary Products

Keeping your focus on secondary products is one of the best strategies for Walmart Advertising.

While selling on Walmart, it is natural to focus on promoting the primary products that generate the most revenue for your business. After all, it makes sense to promote products that sell well. 

Additionally, promoting secondary products is an excellent way to diversify your revenue streams. Doing so will help you build the necessary brand awareness for your lesser-known products.

Wrapping Up

Walmart is a great platform to sell your products. Understanding the different types of ads and implementing the above-mentioned strategies can reap great benefits for your business. Doing so will help you take your campaigns to the next level in order to reach your target customers.

If you are not sure about where to start, we at Sellryt, a Walmart Advertising Agency, can give you a hand with it.

We possess a team of advertising experts that can help you drive more sales with well-crafted ads and more.

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