4 Tips to Boost Your New Product Launch with Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising

Amazon Advertising is essential for any seller who is serious about gaining and maintaining a solid foothold on the Amazon marketplace. It is especially advantageous for enhanced visibility and sales while launching a new product. Amazon Advertising helps shoppers notice your products and make informed buying decisions. It also helps in growing sales of your new products faster. According to Amazon, boosting new products with Amazon Advertising within the first 13 weeks can help them reach the median annual sales volume of comparable products 37% faster than launching without advertising.

With Amazon Marketing Service Agency, you can now expedite that process to increase your revenue, brand awareness, and more. They will create a competitive advertising strategy for a new product that maximizes results and overshadows your competitors.

What is the significance of Amazon advertising in a new product Launch?

When you are launching a new product on Amazon, it is crucial to hit the ground running by advertising proactively. But before you do, you should ensure your product listing is fully optimized. Amazon looks at several aspects to determine which products should show up for which search queries.

If you do nothing while listing a new product, it will probably sit around and gather dust. This is because the product doesn’t have any sales velocity yet, and thus, Amazon doesn’t consider it relevant to shoppers’ search queries. Remember that Amazon always prioritizes the buyer and wants to show them only the products that it thinks they will like.

If you’re getting ready to sell a new product, Sellryt, an Amazon advertisement partner, will guide you and help you develop an effective launch strategy that sets you up to achieve your goals. Below we’ll explore the key elements to consider in your product launch strategy. We’ll also share how Amazon advertisement solutions, including display ads, sponsored ads, and more, can help you drive results.

Tips to Launch your product with Amazon Advertising

Whether it’s your first time selling a new product or you have managed many product launches before, we will help you in achieving your goals. Here are some tips on launching a successful Amazon advertising ads campaign for a new product.

  1. Define the goals for your launch

Are you looking to help increase sales of a new product or promote customer engagement with your brand? No matter your goals, establishing them upfront will help you create your advertising strategy and measure your campaign performance later.

  1. Get your product pages ready for advertising

While setting up the details page for your new product, make sure to create a clear title and high-quality images of the product, provide bullet points with all the product details and write a compelling product description including relevant keywords. This will help engage shoppers, and they will have the right information to make a purchase decision. You can take the help of an Amazon PPC agency like Sellryt to do the above-mentioned things for you in an effective manner.

  1. Choose your advertising solutions

If you want to help grow your sales even faster, take a look at which ad solutions are available to you. Always remember that not all ad products may fit the goals of your product launch. Focus on the tactics that will be most meaningful for your brand and product.

Sponsored Products

These ads can be triggered by targeting either keywords or products to help relevant shoppers discover your new product while they’re browsing shopping results and product detail pages.


Sponsored Brands

These are keyword or product-targeted ads that feature your logo, a customized headline, and a collection of your products containing your new listing helping shoppers discover your new product within the context of your brand and product portfolio. 

Sponsored Display

Suppose you want to reach audiences wherever they are in their purchasing journey and introduce them to your new product. In that case, you can use these high-visibility display ads that can appear on and off Amazon and can be targeted by interest, category, or product.

Build your Store page

It’s essential to create a unique page in your brand Store―your brand’s dedicated destination on Amazon―for highlighting your product launch and use Amazon Advertisement to drive traffic to the page.

  1. Evaluate the success of your product launch and make campaign improvements

After your product is launched and your Ad campaigns have been running for at least 2 weeks, you need to review your advertising reports to understand your performance. Depending on the goals you set earlier, look at the generated sales, new-to-brand metrics, return on advertising spend (ROAS), or other metrics to optimize your Ad campaigns.

Final thoughts

Even though increasing visibility and sales on the Amazon platform seems daunting, the right marketing strategy will help your brand see continuous sales success. You should make sure your product pages stand out from the crowd, and you’re taking every opportunity to increase total sales.

Amazon advertising, done right, can help you capture and maintain a strong foothold on Amazon. Sellryt will help you capture and maintain a strong grip in the global e-commerce market and scale up your business. 

Let our Amazon experts determine a launch strategy for your product and take your Amazon business to new heights. To learn more, get in touch with our Amazon PPC agency and sign up for your Free Trial today.

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