4 Effective Amazon Marketing Recommendations for Meeting Christmas Sales Goals

December is finally here. We are in the final month of Q4, with Christmas sales right around the corner. By this time, the buyers already have their shopping checklists prepared and are getting ready to make purchases to blend in with the festive spirits. As more and more consumers surf on Amazon to fulfill their Christmas purchase desires, your brand must have high visibility to make the most of this demand surge. One of the best ways to do this is by building an effective Amazon marketing plan. The platform has four main types: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, and Product Display Ads. Incorporating these campaign types into your promotional strategy can increase your product’s reach and visibility on Amazon and drive higher conversion rates. To help you strategize better and achieve your Christmas sales goals, our Amazon marketing experts suggest 5 Amazon advertising tips that you must consider while crafting a marketing plan for the business end of the year. 

1. Start Planning Early 

Amazon Marketing Start Planning Early Christmas sales are less than four weeks away now, so you must start thinking about your brand’s advertising for Christmas. By putting the prep work ahead of time, you will have plenty of time to plan the rest of the strategy and execute when the sales are about to go live. As you continue to strategize, analyze past years’ data to have a clear understanding of what worked well in the past and what didn’t. Identify your high-ranking keywords and products from previous Christmas sales campaigns and update your ad bids and budgets accordingly. 

2. Establish a Promotional Strategy

Establish a Promotional StrategyThis period sees a sudden surge in demand, so you need to be ready to take your promotions live. By making use of the different aforementioned ad types, you can highlight the products that are featuring in the “Deals of the Day” section on Amazon. Other fantastic ideas include using Sponsored Product Ads to display a thumbnail for coupons and Product Display Ads to include messaging for products running on Lightning Deals. 

Additionally, you should also look to use Sponsored Brand Video Ads to further draw the target consumers’ attention towards your offerings. Video Ads help buyers understand the benefits of a product without having to click on the product listing. Since this ad type is relatively a new addition to Amazon advertising, you can gain a competitive edge over other brands by being an early adopter. 

However, If you need assistance in creating an effective promotional plan for Christmas sales, our Amazon PPC agency experts will be more than happy to help you.

3. Use the “Adjust by Placement” Option

Adjust by PlacementThe “Adjust by Placement” feature allows sellers to maximize their advertising returns by adjusting bid multipliers between 0 and 900% for Sponsored Products. Placements are where your ad may feature on Amazon. If you choose to select this option, then your bid will automatically be adjusted when your ad has the opportunity to appear in the selected placement option (Top-of-Search, Product Pages, or Rest-of-Search). 

It provides a great way to double down on the top-performing items. Since it is not a cost-effective option, it may not be ideal to use the tool year-round, but this is the time when most advertisers dig deep into their pockets, and this option can equip you to go toe to toe with them. 

4. Tailor Ad Content with Christmas-Themed Messages

Establish a Promotional StrategyThis recommendation is the perfect example of “Doing More with Less.” A Christmas-themed ad can help the target consumers associate your product with the festive thoughts that are already running through their minds. Most of the time, just a little tweaking, such as creating a copy like “Christmas Sales, Snowy Discounts” or targeting Christmas keywords and combining them with your top-selling products, can take your campaign a long way. Once you are able to establish a strong link between your products and the Christmas sales, your chances of getting more conversions rise significantly. 


Regardless of how you choose to go about it, remember that your prime goal of creating a great Amazon advertising campaign is to deliver advertising that is ultimately useful for the consumers and makes their shopping choices easier. By including these tips into your best practices guidebook for Amazon advertising, you can make your Christmas just as merry and successful as your customers’. 

For more details regarding Amazon advertising during the festive period, you can Get in touch with our Amazon PPC agency specialists.

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