Seller Guide: Amazon PPC Strategies and Marketing Ideas for 2022

Amazon PPC Strategies

Amazon currently is the largest eCommerce platform, and its enormity proves to be highly beneficial for brands as the demand for all kinds of products is evergreen. But a high demand alone isn’t enough to rapidly sell out the stock; your products need to reach potential buyers first. Higher visibility can lead to better ROI thus, increasing profit. There is a multitude of things that you can do to grow your business on Amazon. In this blog, we have covered the top PPC strategies and marketing ideas for 2022.

Let us first look at the top Amazon PPC Strategies:

  1. Get Buy Box

The buy box lets customers directly add items to their cart as it is conveniently located near the “Add to Cart” button. A buy box can assure a shopper that the product promises a balance of excellent seller performance and a low price. It is critical for success as shoppers prefer to buy items with a buy box regardless of who the seller is.

Following are some tips to be eligible for the buy box:

  • Improve seller feedback
  • Speed up shipments
  • Keep items well stocked
  • Set reasonable prices
  1. Prioritize Your PPC Budget

It is critical to put ad dollars where they count the most. Think about why Amazon is the best investment for PPC resources. Consumers are ready to buy, and even during the research stage, they browse through Amazon listings the most. E-commerce is a hotline for impulsive purchases, making Amazon the most sound PPC investment for brands.

This doesn’t imply that you neglect Google PPC and Facebook Advertising. It is just that you need to direct your investment towards the platforms that are most likely to convert shoppers. 

  1. Utilize the “Adjust Bids by Placement” Feature

PPC ad placements on Amazon aren’t always equal. The conversion rates and CTR in the first SERP row(Top of Search) are much higher than the on-page placements and lower in the SERP.

Luckily, the PPC interface of Amazon has an “Adjust bids by placement” feature that lets you maximize ROI by adjusting bids automatically by upto 900 percent right when the ad is likely to appear on the Top of Search position. This feature enables you to double down on the most profitable and best-performing items. 

  1. Drive Conversions with an Impressive Product Detail Page

Move customers efficiently down the sales funnel by optimizing your product pages with appealing content and relevant information to drive more conversions.

  • Add lifestyle images and several high-quality images that display the product from every angle.
  • Make critical product information easily visible to the shopper, so they don’t need to hunt for it. 
  1. Thorough Strategizing of Marketing and Advertisements

Reaching out to the right people through proper Advertisement is drop-dead essential for a successful campaign to run, and when it comes to a high-priority sales day, the necessity is doubled, if not more. 

An Amazon advertising partner requires constant communication with the advertising team and needs to conduct a proper analysis. Continuous surveillance must be initiated beforehand to understand how the sales would pan up. If the ads do not succeed, it will signify someone else having a better sales-conversion rate.

The Marketing Team has to be on its toes, acting aggressively in all ways possible, making sure it has all grounds covered with multiple lingual consistencies across the sales platforms.

This was all about the Amazon PPC strategies. Let us now go through some essential business tactics.

4 Significant Tactics To Keep Growing Your Business Throughout 2022

Following are the top 4 business tactics you can implement to make your products more appealing:

  • Free Shipping: You can use such promotions to cut the shipping costs for your customers.
  • Percentage-off: You can reduce the price of your product by an amount or percentage of your choice. This can be done to a single or multiple products.
  • Giveaways and Freebies: You can create giveaway criteria; if a shopper’s order amounts to $100 or more, they will be eligible for giveaways or freebies.
  • Social Media Promo Code: You can generate promo codes with a percentage discount and share them over social media platforms. Example – Lightning deals, coupons, seasonal deals, and more.

4 Prime Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2022

To take your business to new heights, it is imperative to focus on marketing strategies through email, social media, marketing videos, and a dedicated website. This maximizes your online presence, thus, expanding your customer reach.

Following are 4 ways in which you can smartly market your business online.

Emails and Newsletters: You can send consumers the links to your products through this method. On clicking the link, the shopper will land on your product page and conveniently make the purchase.

Social Media: Creating brand pages on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., helps generate brand awareness. You can use these pages to promote your products and interact with shoppers.

Dedicated Website: Building a website lets you become an omnichannel seller. Selling your products through Amazon and your website will lead to greater sales and brand recognition. On seeing a well-set-up website, customers automatically gain confidence that helps them with the purchase decision.

Marketing Video: This strategy helps you drive traffic to your landing page. While using video strategy, it is vital to highlight the benefits and uses of your products, showcase the product design, and add secondary information. You can approach influencers to review your products and add the links to their videos in the description. 


To sustain the breakneck competition and eventually lead a domain, a brand needs to implement the best marketing and Amazon PPC strategies. This helps you as a brand to make your mark in the market. We have covered it in a short and crisp manner. To evolve your business further, you can check out our blog on the latest Amazon Sponsored Ad trends for 2022

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